A Friend Clears a Negative Entity

One of my internet friends read my recent blogs about helping Steve deal with ‘dark’ energies and asked if I would be willing to assist her in a similar endeavor. We are a relatively new friendship going back to about the spring equinox six months ago and my earlier attempts to assist her had raised her defenses and strained our relationship. Part of her request was that I check to see if I picked up anything in her field and what I had sensed before was still very much there.
My response confirmed her sense of a negative entity and offered to help on the condition we talk first and raise our mutual trust level. Later in the day I went to a social gathering for the evening and on the way home I was thinking about my response and concerned I may have been too blunt.
When I checked my email, there was her response saying she had done the work herself and felt much lighter. Again I checked and found her field to be pristine. Awesome.

This person is highly evolved with a big mission and an unbelievably high dedication to that mission, germinated by a vision as a child about half a century ago. Her life circumstances and my sense of her energetic field were at odds with all the work she had done, was doing and with her highly evolved persona; ergo my failed attempts to help her in the past.
We finally connected the next morning and had our first real talk; all of our previous communications had been emails or other social media written forums. I was naturally curious about the nuts and bolts of the clearing she had done and learned she used some of her existing tools, stuff she uses daily. From my perspective, the difference on this occasion is she was looking for a foreign and unsupportive entity in her field; whereas on past occasions, she thought none could be present. From her perspective, it was simply a matter of the universe’s timing. The conditions that allowed the entity to hide out had ended and thus the clearing succeeded.
I encouraged her to explore the territory in more depth, like when the entity joined her and various other issues related to being open to an entity bent on sabotaging her mission. She did this work soon after we ended our lovely talk and found the entity joined her a couple of years ago when she began communicating with and supporting a spiritual guru who we both had supported at one time and then left. This timing was no surprise to my friend but the fact that an entity could ‘hide out’ in her field for so long was a great surprise and a major concern.
She worked with her guides and with her tried and true methods to close this loop hole and rescind past life and present life agreements that allowed a negative and sabotaging entity to exist undetected for so long in her field. Wonderful work my friend, and following the best of all patterns where I facilitate, hold space and support while she took full responsibility and did the necessary work.

We are in what many are calling the ‘dark’s last stand’ and part of what was working for my friend and for our mutual efforts was the fact that such interference is no longer being supported. Humanity is clearing all kinds of negative energies from earth and from humanity and this work was part of that widespread effort.
I am ‘getting’ that the dark’s last stand is not a moment in time but a window of about a month, two weeks on either side of the September equinox. The equinox is on September 22, two days away so we are nearly half way through the ‘dark’s last stand’.
None of this implies that work not completed by the end of this window will not get done; in fact quite the reverse since support for negative and sabotaging energies is steadily being withdraw and this kind of work is becoming easier and easier to do. That ease will continue to increase and soon humanity will be free; soon humanity will take back their power both individually as was the case with my friend and collectively as the ruling elite loses their grip on humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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