The Equinox and Abundance Shifts

Today is the fall equinox here in the northern hemisphere which is that moment in time when the sun is directly overhead of the equator which occurs twice a year as the sun moves back and forth from tropic to tropic. It is officially fall here in North America and all of humanity is now exactly one season away from the December solstice of 2012, that long awaited moment in time when the Mayan calendar ends and various shifts are predicted.

The earth and humanity are welcoming a whole lot of Light into their world and are working more and more closely together to make appropriate shifts prior to the December solstice. I recently learned that the processes Divinely scheduled for the December solstice are independent of the human process of ousting the ruling elite and taking back our collective and individual power. That said we are all together for the next three months and a lot can happen in that time.
One of the key factors is abundance technologies and there are two powerful drivers, each pressuring the ruling elite in their own fashion. One is completely human and led by Mehran Keshe, an Iranian scientist living in Belgium. He is making his abundance technologies freely available to anyone who asks, and offering it free of charge and free of restrictions to the government of every country in the world. The Iranian government has accepted this offer and now have the technology to do with as they see fit. Some fear military uses but the ETs and the angelic process of containment will ensure misuses do not occur. The technology is designed for abundance applications like free energy and antigravity transportation and would long ago have been part of our planet’s technology had the ruling elite not imposed scarcity for their own service to self interests.
The other driver is the supportive ETs in our skies. They have abundance technologies in abundance. Lol. That is how they power their space ships and provide for all the ETs on board. Their technology is far more advanced than Keshe’s humble beginnings and several of these ET nations have offered this technology to humanity, free of charge. When you live in abundance, charging for things makes no sense whatsoever. They have a condition attached that the technology be used for peaceful purposes and for oneness. They have everything Keshe is offering and then some and all the bugs have already been ironed out. Of interest, I watched Keshe giving a short interview today and the interviewer mentioned ETs. Keshe’s response: ‘We don’t believe in ETs.’ You soon will Mehran, you soon will.

The Earth is a key player in this entire process and humanity is relearning appropriate interactions with Earth and with Gaia, the living soul of this planet. The work my friend Steve is doing in the Great Lakes area of Canada is one example. Four days ago on September 18th, he shut down a portal long used by the service to self ETs in support of the ruling elite and in support of duality. Since then he has been busy reconfiguring the portal in service of oneness with the intention of reopening it around the equinox time frame to serve Ascension and serve oneness. Gaia is among the highly evolved beings supporting this work.
This is but one example of the earth changes taking place as Earth moves from a planet supporting third dimensional life and supporting duality to a planet supporting fifth dimensional life and supporting oneness. What about that portion of humanity who make the free will choice to remain in the third dimension? Already a replacement three D earth has been birthed in readiness for the shifts at the end of this fall.
We remain together for one more season. The fall of 2012 and what a fall it will be. For the ruling elite and their duality systems it will be a long fall and a hard fall. For the rest of humanity, it will be a fall of great thanksgiving, as we take back our power and move into oneness and abundance.
Freedom for humanity…


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