Multidimensional Operating System

If you have the intention, as I do, of connecting with your ET brethren who are supporting humanity and earth’s Ascension this Arcturian information about how to integrate your multidimensional operating system into your third dimensional brain is of great interest. It was channeled by Suzanne Lie and here is the link:

Here is my experience with this information.
My daughter is away on business this week and I am dog sitting her two dogs. They got me up at daybreak to be fed and I read this material before going back to bed as this was well before my normal wake up time; being a bit of a night owl. I gave permission for this work to begin and intended to give it my undivided attention when I woke.
Even before I fell back to sleep, it all began to happen. I am experienced at surrendering to energetic processes and have assimilated and integrated many over the past few years. Each is a little different and has different markers and this one followed for me many of the markers in Suzanne Lie’s written material. Intense energy in the crown chakra and third eye, for me extending into the back of my head where energies often make themselves known to me, not painful but intense. Then they moved down into my throat chakra and next into my heart chakra, my high heart especially. I later got some strong sensations in my solar plexus chakra which was related but seemed more of a clearing of interference than part of the process. For several months now, I have been clearing non-aligned energies that collect in my solar plexus and that is what this felt like.
Then the dreams started. I do not remember them, but they were the type Suzanne mentions – sequential dreams, each building on the last and having an order and a sequence. I surrendered to it all and called in Pallas Athena (ET Mother Ship) as her consciousness seems proximate and familiar with this work. My guides also assisted and it was all essentially smooth and painless. Turmoil, yes; chaos, no.
When I got up, I reread the material and found things I had not done, especially the integration of my aura with my physical body. With the energies in place, this was easy to do and it went without a hitch following the process of integration as suggested by Suzanne’s channelling. As a capper, I listened to the You Tube recording of Suzanne’s channeling and meditated throughout to maximize the effect and complete anything that may have been left undone.
We shall see what follows in terms of integration and assimilation. Three nights of dreams was Suzanne’s experience. I will report what mine turn out to be if and when they happen.

On a related note, a friend had a four hour layover in Calgary and we visited at the airport yesterday. She gave me a lot of information and one bit I will share. A friend of hers has done some portal opening work via his indigenous heritage. In the process, he activated some shamanic capabilities as a healer and intuitive. He says that virtually everyone he checks has an etheric implant in the area of their pineal gland/crown chakra. The implant appears as a shadowy black mass floating above the pineal gland. The implants were placed there by those wanting to manipulate and control humanity and can now be cleared/removed.
I got that my friend can clear them and asked if she would help clear mine. She agreed to check this out when she had some time and did so on the plane as I walked home. She found vestiges but nothing major as I cleared many implants around 2008. Last night I was getting that I could do this myself and during the energy work and again after I woke up this morning, I got the sense this clearing had now been done for me. When I was sungazing this morning, I did my own clearing just to make sure. It seems everyone can now do this work, and this provides awareness that it is work needing doing.

I am now understanding that connecting with our ET brethren is a process since the dumbed down and limited 3D human body was not capable. Since taking that intention and getting involved with the disclosure process, I am being given the necessary tools and a multidimensional operating system is one of them.
Freedom for humanity…

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