Collapsing Timelines

Some recent information indicates we are in or about to be into a period of collapsing the timelines that are currently in operation for humanity. This is of great interest to me as these timelines are timelines developed and installed by the ruling elite. Existing timelines are timelines of scarcity and duality; whereas the timelines I favor are timelines of abundance and oneness.
Collapsing a well established and well populated timeline is a major undertaking and to minimize the trauma, the best way is to collapse the energy first. In the ‘as above, so below’ principle, this is like letting the air out of the tires of the existing timeline and the vehicle that runs on these tires will no longer go far. In the race for humanity’s future timeline, these airless vehicles can no longer compete and the race for humanity’s shared timeline is overtaken by newer timelines, but ones with air in their tires.

Collapsing timelines in nothing new and the ruling elite along with their former off world ‘dark’ overloads have been past masters in collapsing timelines of the Light. JFK’s assassination in 1963 was a classic example where a threat to the ruling elite and their corrupt systems was eradicated by murdering the leader, knowing the ruling elite could step into the vacuum and re-implement control. Another example was Tesla’s work where the ruling elite, led by J.P. Morgan and cronies falsified his equations and prevented the timeline of free energy from reaching the mainstream of society.
The entire system of patents has been developed and implemented to nip abundance technologies in the bud, thus preventing the blooming of related timelines. Worldwide control of the media has long been a mainstay in the ruling elite’s timeline strategy enabling them to prevent disclosure, promote desired falsehoods and manipulate public opinion. The banking system and the national debts it has spawned is another key component of the ruling elite’s existing timelines.
Going further back, we see colonialization and systemic genocide of various indigenous populations. Before that was the inquisition in Europe used to weaken and eradicate Light based threats to the ruling elite’s chosen timeline. The Roman Empire were masters in the use of force, revenge and state religions to bring ‘barbarians’ into line. All of this originated in the Fall of Atlantis where the ‘dark’ first wrested control of humanity’s shared timeline. That was traumatic and entire land masses disappeared under the sea.

What is happening now is the reverse of what happened in the Fall of Atlantis as the Light is rising up and taking back humanity’s shared timeline after millennia of control and creation by the Dark. As behooves the Light, the target is to do this humanely and with the minimum of trauma. The smooth way is to energetically collapse the offending timelines first. This work is well underway and I will name several of the fronts on which great progress has been made.
On the consciousness front, humanity and earth have been bombarded with Source energy targeting the raising of consciousness levels in all of humanity, both those awakened and already serving the Light and those referred to as the unawakened masses. There is no escape as Source energies blanket the earth and all of humanity.
On the energetic front, the earth grid has been reconfigured to support Ascension and oneness and will be fully booted up as of 12-12-12. Meanwhile work like my friend Steve is doing to reconfigure an existing 3D portal and reopen it as a 5D portal is taking place all over the world. Earth is one of the key supporters of collapsing the existing scarcity timelines because they result in pollution, exploitation and plunder of her resources.
On the support of existing timelines front, containment was implemented in late June and has steadily expanded ever since. Key leader of existing timelines are under containment and can no longer take actions supporting existing timelines as such actions are harmful to the greater good.
On the ‘black ops’ front, since the mid 2000’s ETs have been granted cosmic permission to prevent the use of explosives against civilian populations. This has significantly tied the hands of the ruling elite and prevented many ‘false flag’ operations
On the disclosure front, our ET supporters continue to be given more and more latitude in terms of making the desired changes. Also, humanity continues to wake up to the truth and larger and larger portions of humanity are now inviting disclosure. Disclosure cannot be prevented much longer.
On the truth front, a key component is the backlash created by 9/11 also various Truthout movements related to banking, religion, war, and freedom.

We will soon see the collapse of the energies supporting existing timelines and soon to follow will be the actual collapse of unsupported timelines.
Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Lea says:

    whoah this blog is magnificent i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, lots of people are hunting around for this information, you could help them greatly.

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