The Power of Forgiveness

Early in this year, my friend Steve and his wife, Laura, were travelling in Ecuador and were attacked and kidnapped by bandits. Steve went to get ransom money and while he was gone, Laura jumped into a ravine to escape. She succeeded but was hospitalized for several weeks with the injuries sustained. Once his wife was safely in the hospital, Steve called me and began with these words, ‘Something terrible has happened.’ For several minutes he recounted the story and vented the normal emotions one would expect after such an experience, anger, grief, confusion, blame, a desire for revenge, helplessness; you get the idea. ‘What should I do?’ he asked.
I listened and when his outpouring was over, a state of Grace came over us. ‘Can you feel that?’ I asked and of course he could. ‘Go into that feeling and you tell me what it is telling you to do.’ Steve did and in a small weak voice he said, ‘I am to walk away.’ That confirmed what I had been getting throughout and we explored what this would mean. End his cooperation with the police manhunt, refuse to identify his assailants, leave the valley they were visiting; but most of all he left behind the negative emotions of the experience and used the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness allowed him to live in love. Love of his wife, love of Source, love of himself, love of the people of Ecuador and even love of his assailants. He managed all of these things and in the process met and advised high ranking Ecuadorian politicians.
Steve and Laura refused to talk to the media throughout the process but the media eventually tracked them down and Global, a Canadian television network did a documentary of the story which is airing tonight, Friday, September 28. Steve and Laura stuck to their guns throughout and the story’s title is The Power of Forgiveness. Steve has not seen the finished product and we will both watch with great interest to see if they handled the story with integrity.

The underlying cause of the attack was foreign money buying up land in the valley they were visiting and displacing indigenous populations. Sound familiar. In the old days, we did it with guns and with the force of laws written by European intruders. We made treaties with the indigenous people and then broke them when it suited us. We stole their land and cooped them up on small unappealing parcels of land, forced their children to attend residential schools where their culture was outlawed and many were subjected to predatory abusers. This is just a small sampling of the systemic abuse and betrayal heaped on the indigenous people of my country, Canada, and the United States. And; we wrote the history books so these abuses are mostly omitted or at the best, glossed over.
This stream of mistreatment and genocide of North America’s indigenous people is coming at me from various streams. Not sure of the reason or what I am to do. I have no native blood in my heritage but in the oneness that does not matter. I have had past lives as a Native American and one was during a timeframe when they were beginning to interact with the white men and my advice did not save them. Nothing saved them.
I just watched a movie called Dakota 38. In 1862, on the day after Christmas, the US government hanged 38 Dakota (Sioux) warriors. A descendant had a vision in the early 2000’s to ride to the site of the hanging from the Dakota nation’s reservation and this is a documentary of this healing journey. I wept unabashedly through the whole thing.

Forgiveness is the key. I know this from personal experience and I know this from helping others to forgive. Without forgiveness we are trapped by the negative energies of the event, no matter how far distant. 1862 was one hundred and fifty years ago and several generations and still the events of that day and the days leading up to it continue to haunt and debilitate the descendants. Forgiveness does not right the wrongs; however, forgiveness frees us and our ancestors/descendants from the trauma and the negative emotions of the event. We forgive for ourselves and for those we hold dear.
In duality, we are taught to seek revenge and perpetuate the negative cycle. In oneness we are taught to forgive and transcend the negative energies. The power of forgiveness transcends all and is a portal into taking back our power and being all that we are.
Freedom for humanity…

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