Containment by Humans

My friend Portia is human in every way, born into a human body of human parents; however, her soul is highly evolved and like many of us, she came with a specific mission associated with the coming ascension of earth and humanity. She is being encouraged to become a multidimensional human and use her human vehicle, her body, as the platform from which to make continuing contributions to ascension and to the evolution of the universe.
She has strong connections to supportive ETs and to the Angelic Kingdom and is already aware of the next major step in her multidimensional evolution. More on that as it becomes manifest. Here is a recent experience of Portia’s in her own words:

Yesterday, I read an article about some highly evolved beings who incarnated on earth several times in continuation of a conscious aim and plan to conquer earth. They hid themselves and telepathically manipulated weak minded peoples into various positions of power in human society and used them as puppets.
This afternoon, my mind wandered and I began thinking about a person offering workshops again. I wondered what it was about him that bugged me so much. Somehow, I recognised him as one of those beings who manipulated mankind. The moment I did, he came before me in a threatening manner and I immediately placed him in containment. I’ve never done it before and didn’t even know I held the authority to call forth containment but I did and he was held firmly within a rectangular box of golden light.
His manipulative nature was quickly apparent because he sat down and appeared to be calm and meditating. I walked cautiously closer to him but AA Michael stopped me. I suddenly understood that this being currently was actually trying to manipulate the containment system into believing him to be fully returned to the light and releasing him. This is a being who really thinks he can outsmart God/Source!
I almost thought his trick would work because the light box actually flickered – but then it became even brighter. His reaction was terrible; like a great powerful lion caught in a trap. The immense amount of energy radiating from him was very oppressive. I had to hurry to ask the archangels, my guides and the ascended masters to come to my home and raise the vibrations at my home or else everybody would be negatively affected. AA Michael, in particular, was standing in front of the man and shielding me from his anger.
After a while, the man knew he was wasting his energy and sat down with his eyes closed. I have no idea what he was thinking but the way he behaved made it look more like we were torturing than helping him. I recalled another moment in my visions when I visited a spirit haunting his old place of residence. He was so deep in the dark and delusional that he actually mistook me for a terrible dark being coming to devour or harm him. I know because I saw things from his perspective. I looked awful to him. After understanding his perspective, I urged him to look again repeatedly until he finally broke through his own illusions of fear. I guessed that he had played the role of dark being for so long that he had forgotten that light is his true nature and that he is a child of God.
Back to the present, I went up to the man in containment and meditated with him. I opened my heart and mind to him which allowed him to open his mind and heart too. I told him, “I release you from this role.” He got indignant and refused to listen to me (a child! lol). He quickly found that he could not refuse because the light came and started stripping him of his old identity. He was protesting throughout. It was actually quite funny to watch.
He is still in containment. I think it may take a few days for him to fully remember who he really is but I think we have a beloved soul returning to us very soon!

Well done, Portia!

The implications of this are significant. If Portia can use containment, other qualified humans can also and I am aware of another friend using containment about a year ago. It may only be available to those moving into the higher dimensions and becoming multidimensional or it may be a process being made available to all of humanity which will end the current domination by the ruling elite and prevent a future takeover by service to self individuals or alliances. Remember, containment is in no way a weapon as it has no effect on greater good activities.
I am getting confirmation that such is the case. Containment is being made available to all of humanity on an ongoing basis so qualified humans in any dimension including the third can use it to prevent manipulative and self interested takeovers.
Freedom for humanity…


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