Multidimensional Humans

A friend of mine was in a vortex a few days ago and asked if I could help. I was given the information that she was to go with it and come out the funnel end in a rebirth of sorts. This she did and it has opened up all sorts of things for her, amazing things that are not yet ready to be shared. Amazing things are also happening to me and that I can share.  

Basically we are both on the path to becoming multidimensional human beings. We are not alone on this path, far from it as many Lightworkers the world over are also on this path. I am helping and supporting several people in these efforts and by cosmic law, I cannot help another without making progress myself.

When humanity ascends in less than three months, everyone who ascends will be on the path to becoming multidimensional and those of us doing it now are way-finders and pioneers. A key aspect of becoming multidimensional is full memories of past lives and an understanding of your soul’s evolutionary path. Since our souls are timeless and ageless and have many aspects and evolutionary paths these are a lot of memories and a lot of information. Another aspect of becoming multidimensional is the ability to have interactions and experiences in the higher dimensions and retain that information as part of our living memory. Things like star ship visits and interactions with ETs and higher dimensional energies. 

Installing the multidimensional operating system in my 3D brain was a step forward in my particular case and you can read about in a post written a few days ago. This gift from the Arcturians opened up the portal to becoming consciously multidimensional.   

Central to my particular journey down this multidimensional path is a past life journey/vision I had in the fall of 2008. It was facilitated by my friend Steve, who has been featured in several of my blogs of late with his portal work in the Great Lakes region of Canada and his forgiveness path when he and his wife were kidnapped by bandits in Ecuador earlier in the year. The journey/vision was unlike any other past life journey I have experienced and I have been on several which is the reason I have added the word vision to my description of the experience. During this journey/vision I was Athena, Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva and Jesus, in that order. I do not believe I was any of these people in a past life, thus the vision aspect. As I move toward multidimensionality, this vision is taking on clarity and becoming central to understanding my mission.

Joan of Arc is a liberator archetype and the work I am doing to free humanity from millennia of subjugation and exploitation by the ruling elite is a direct application of the skills and mindsets that accompany this archetype. As this work gets done, it opens up work related to the Lady Godiva transformational archetype. My vision experience as Lady Godiva was taking her famous nude ride. I was fully cloaked in a state of Divine Grace and all who witnessed the event were transformed. This same state of Grace will soon be present to transform ascended humanity from duality and scarcity into the mind state of oneness and abundance. What my role in this may be, I do not know, but experiencing this ride opened me to being an instrument of the Divine when and if a role is asked of me.

The Athena and Jesus segments were much more complex. I am finding a special connection to Athena who once spent lifetimes embodied as a human being but after the Fall of Atlantis found that her power and loving energies were being manipulated by the dark and warring humans who took over humanity’s shared timeline. Her choice was to leave Earth and pursue other evolutionary paths until such time as these dark beings were ousted from power. That time is now upon us and we may soon see an aspect of Athena once again embodied in a human vehicle.

The Jesus segment was even more complex. Forgiveness was part of it and I now help people develop their willingness to forgive. A compelling aspect of this segment was its close where I was with Mary Magdalene, my wife, and we had this child with a powerful and pure blue energy. I knew this energy could not come into the lower dimensions so the child was of the future, not the past.  My multidimensional self is attracting information about this child and about the role I may play as this energy becomes part of humanity’s evolutionary path. More as this is manifest.

Freedom for humanity…


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