Intention, Sovereignty and Transparency

My intention to remember my star ship experiences has spawned a lot of activity in the unseen world. In the world of form, it is business as usual, but in the unseen world this intention is attracting all kinds of energies and processes that otherwise would not be in my field. That is the power of intention, a very great power indeed and as we move into the higher dimensions and into multidimensionality, intention will become even more of a force. For in the higher dimensions, we will live outside of time and create in the now. We will quickly learn to direct our intention so we create that which we desire rather than that which we fear.

With a few more time delays, that same principle applies in the third dimension. I have been aware of this for several years and have been vigilant in terms of monitoring my intentions and in terms of focusing on what I intend.

My intention to remember my star ship experiences began with an invitation to be a crew member on a star ship, the mother ship Pallas Athena, one of thousands of star ships in our skies, virtually all of whom are supporting earth’s and humanity’s ascension. I did not accept this invitation without thought or without due process. What would be involved and what would it mean to my mission and to my present life situation. An earth human has been promoted to commander of this ship so the questions and answers were done through human communication channels, mostly email.

I learned the star ship supported my individual sovereignty and all I do will be mutually agreed. Earth humans are used to duality contracts where we give up part of our sovereignty for some reward, usually money and as I explored this opportunity, I found I would only accept on the condition of retaining full sovereignty. As a fully sovereign being, I will accept only those assignments that resonate and I will continue to do those things that are important to me as a human being. A major initiative of this star ship is disclosure and it seemed to me to be important to maintain my human roots and my human mission as a part of my contributions to disclosure and the star ship’s mission. As such, I will come and go as seems appropriate to me. I will continue to write this blog and intend to write about my star ship experiences.

Once it was confirmed that I was supported in continuing my individual sovereignty, I happily accepted the invitation. I had already taken the intention of remembering my star ship experiences and was already attracting experiences and energies to manifest this intention. You see, many of us are already having star ship experiences but few of us can retain these experiences in our third dimensional minds as they occur outside of time and are therefore rejected by our mind’s current filters. To our minds and to our conscious awareness, it is like it never happened.

A few humans remember their star ship experiences and my intention is to become one of those humans as I can then report on my star ship experiences and on the work I do on behalf of disclosure and on behalf of the star ship’s mission. Some of this may fall into the category of ‘confidential’ but my intention is to continue my earth human intention to be transparent. Disclosure itself is all about becoming transparent, so this intention is neither foreign nor opposed to the overall objectives of star ships in general and the Pallas Athena in particular.

While duality remains in place on earth, a certain level of confidentiality remains appropriate but as we move into oneness and into disclosure, all of this disappears and we all become fully transparent and share information wherever it is requested. Gone is the desire for secrecy and gone is the desire to misuse information for self interested purposes.  Misuse of information is the key here. In duality, the ruling class wants to keep secrets and so situations like Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks occur where he shared truth and was sanctioned for so doing. That kind of thing disappears with oneness. Truth is truth and the sharing of truth is always welcomed.

Freedom for humanity…


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