Minesweeping Energy

My friend Portia wrote this email to me this morning:

I suddenly felt the urge to close my eyes and call in the remaining dark beings who would listen to me. About 200 of them showed up in a lecture hall with me as lecturing angel professor (lol). I must say many of my students looked very forlorn. I told them if they were not entering the light because of fear then their worries were unfounded. Beings of light would never hurt them. As I was saying this, the table I was sitting on collapsed. All of us looked at the heap of table remains and I commented that their fear based beliefs and consequently the world from which they built these beliefs from had already collapsed. As if to prove this point, the chair near the table also collapsed. All of us wondered if the lecture hall was going to cave in on us too but fortunately Source decided that would be too much.

As we were experiencing this, I noticed another dark soul who had come to join us. Archangel Michael had accompanied and escorted him to our group. We were all waiting for him so when he arrived; I gave the cue for our dark friends to come to me. Everybody immediately crowded toward me and I delivered their light care packages individualized for each of them. The last soul who arrived was also the most shy and Michael had to urge him forward. I gave the shy dark soul his light package and he returned to his divine spark and began to float upward. Both Michael and I enjoyed a moment of peace as we gazed at this beautiful light returning home. 

We noticed that Source had sent a light being to escort this innocent one and this being told me to follow him/her/it. This I did and we travelled very far into space. Source called me into his great white light and the being was there too. The being placed a tiny bundle onto my open palm. I didn’t understand what it was and the being told me it contains a new frequency. When I heard that, I changed the bundle into something I can understand better – a golden box with beautiful engravings on it. I asked if I can open it immediately and the being said yes, so I did. A misty energy rose up and settled onto my arms and shoulders. I can tell it is slowly seeping into my heart and high heart. I ask what this is and the being says it is a new frequency never experienced on earth, this galaxy, this universe before. He/she/it tells me to integrate it into my being and become a beacon for it to be picked up by other individuals, space, etc. The being didn’t bother explaining to me what it is because both of us know I will not be able to understand it. We agree that we’ll just see what happens and I’ll begin to understand from there.

I didn’t write to you immediately after the meditation but the being had told me I should tell you about this. I feel that this new energy has completed integration within myself because I suddenly felt a clear signal that it is now the right moment to write to you. This message contains that new frequency. Please do feel it out and tell me what you receive. It would be good to work together and discuss about this.

After reading the email, I began meditating and learned the new energy was like a minesweeper, sweeping away dark energies that no longer belong in the human world and I shared some of the images that came to me with Portia. Another friend asked if I would clear the dark implant above her pineal gland and I etherically went to her. The implant was very strong in her but no match for the new energies and I cleared them, leaving vestiges for her to clear herself. I then reached out my hand and delivered the new energies into her heart chakra, vesting in her the ability to complete the clearing I had started and mine sweep negative energies as she is guided.

Another friend called soon after and asked, ‘What’s up.’ ‘Plenty’ I began and shared these experiences. Wow, he said, and he recounted his own parallel experience, both in time and in content, of clearing his own pineal implant and of having powerful positive new energy in his heart chakra.

This entry carries these positive new minesweeping energies and they are now yours, residing in your heart chakra. Use them as guided. The departing energies of duality are transmuted and return to Source/Gaia when contacted by this loving energy. It seems I am also to say that it is impossible to misuse these energies as they are energies of love, energies directly from Source, energies of oneness. As such they serve the greater good and cannot be corrupted.

Freedom for humanity…


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