Running the Human Avatar

In the world view to which I subscribe, the human body is an avatar in the game called Life played on the stage of planet Earth and soon to be expanded to other venues as we step into the higher dimensions and greater human capabilities including travel in both time and space in accordance with our intentions and our free will. Avatar in this case being the definition as a graphical representation of the user in a computer game rather than my favourite avatar definition as a spiritual master embodied on Earth.

The work I am doing as a pathfinder and way-shower bringing freedom and Ascension to humanity has caused me to become friends and associates with several highly evolved souls currently avatars in human bodies; some through the walk-in process where they enter a body discarded by another soul and some through normal birth channels. In either event, these highly evolved souls have accepted the limitations of the human body and genetically reengineered human DNA. This means these highly evolved souls are dumbed down in the same way as the rest of the human population and finding their way to their soul’s mission is the same messy trial and error process as it is for any other human. The more recent walk-ins through the containment process may have fuller past life memories and thus shortcut this messy process, but that is as yet speculative as I have not yet had the pleasure of communicating with such a person to find out.

Be that as it may, this post is about my contributions to those highly evolved souls who have chosen embodiment in order to live their soul’s mission here on earth. Some have little experience in the human avatar whereas I have chosen to live hundreds and perhaps thousands of lifetimes in the human avatar. This vast experience has allowed me to integrate knowledge of how to use and direct the human avatar in pursuit of their soul’s mission. This does not mean I have consistently done so over my past lifetimes and since a lifetime about a thousand years ago, where I was killed as a child by dark agents, I consciously chose to eschew these skills and add complementary skills rather than continue in the high risk ventures of attempting to bring oneness into the human experience dominated by duality.

None the less, I have the skills of running the human avatar to achieve ones soul’s objectives. I unwrapped these skills during meditation retreats about six years ago and have consistently used them ever since. Teaching is a natural skill set for me and often, a significant part of my contribution is coaching and mentoring highly evolved souls in terms of directing their human avatar in ways that move them toward their mission.

Part of the beauty and power of being human is the cocktail of emotion and desire that is built into the human experience and is part of our experience no matter how hard we try to escape it. This gives the human experience unique power and passion but also brings liabilities into the experience that sometimes derails even the most highly advanced soul when they choose embodiment. Another common derailer is human doubt and human naysayers who insist on reliance to the five senses and routinely discount otherworldly experiences that are the chief resource for linking highly evolved souls with their mission.

The foundational contribution I make in a relationship with a highly evolved soul with little human experience is to express unconditional acceptance of their otherworldly experience. I listen to their stories of these experiences and work with them to make sense of it all and uncover the nuggets of Divine guidance, of linkages to their mission, and their soul’s connections to otherworldly resources such as ETs, angels and Source itself. Just having a person that accepts and participates works wonders.

In addition, I provide a resource and an example of someone living in integrity within a human body who is in tune with their body and with the various body based signals that are part of the full human experience. I have lived in surrender to Divinity for the last six years and have, as my highest priority, followed my Divine guidance all of that time. I recognize when someone is not doing this and can point to the liabilities of living in some other way. All of this within the context of free will and the acceptance of another’s right to make their own choices.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. silver price says:

    First of all the word ‘Avatar’ is Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, in which much of India’s literature was written.Meaning of the word ‘Avatar’ is a ‘Descendent’. However, here it is not just any descendant. Avatars are highly evolved beings that are not from the human but God form as they have transcended eons ago. In Hinduism, Vishnu forms part of the Trinity about Creation. He is the Preserver and therefore his descendants come with a special mission in life. They come to instil appropriate knowledge and effect change.

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