What is Real?

I was home for Canadian Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October and in the process spent a lot of time with family members, mostly my siblings. They all think I am a little nuts, some more than others, but they are also curious and open to hearing what I have to say, knowing I no longer attempt to convince anyone of anything. My approach is to target a mutual understanding in all communications and leave the decisions as to worth and applicability up to each individual.

A frequent question was, ‘How do you know your experience was real?’ I know where this question originates; it originates in the world view that unless something can be proven and is based in the five senses of the human body, it cannot be considered real and believing in such ‘unreal’ things makes the believer delusional.

I have been on the path of expanding my range of perceptions and my range of experiences since the turn of the century and my intention is to continue that process. Part of the ruling elite’s strategy has been to keep humanity in the box of the five senses. As such humanity are like sheep and easily herded and controlled. Once a human steps out of the belief system of the five senses, they get connected with the infinite resources of the unseen world and from there, it is a short step to start to think for themselves and become difficult to control.  The ruling elite have lost their power and are now contained but the systems they crafted and created continue and the belief systems the ruling elite fostered continue to influence public and individual opinions. I was running afoul of these belief systems.

One evening, my brother-in-law and I were home alone as the sisters were off doing something and I shared some of my other worldly experiences. The ‘what is real’ question came up and I handled it in my usual way, admitting that it was all beyond the five senses and un-provable in a court of law. I could see his eyes glaze over at one point and knew we were too far from his current belief system. At one point he introduced the concept of  the danger of ‘too much meditation’ and he later read an online document written by a psychologist who worked with a patient who eventually committed suicide rather than continue to communicate with non-physical beings who were by the psychologist’s definition, part of the patients delusional imagination. The patient has my sympathies as does the psychologist as both are ‘victims’ of the ruling elites carefully crafted illusion to keep humanity from connecting to the wisdom and the power of the unseen world.

The next day, I went walking and the higher self of my brother-in-law approached me asking for me to deliver the new energy which I call minesweeping energy, into my brother-in-law’s being. I did as requested, etherically delivering it to my brother-in-law’s heart chakra as I have done with many other people; including Canada’s present Prime Minister. Some are ready for this energy and others are not and I willingly deliver the new minesweeping energy to those who are ready.

On the day I was leaving to return to Calgary, five of us went walking at a nature preserve nearby. The three sisters walked together as did the two men. My brother-in-law reopened the conversation of the earlier night, again asking the question, ‘What makes you think it is real?’ We had earlier talked about the article he had read and it was part of our shared information base. He understood my viewpoint that the ‘five senses’ box was too narrow and confining but still, the question lingered. I was inspired to say, ‘Because I trust my experience.’ This made sense to my brother-in-law and perhaps due to the new energy in his heart, he was open to truly listening to my stories of my experiences. The two hour walk passed quickly and pleasantly as we explored my other worldly experiences and the meaning I made of them.

It is real to me because it is my experience. I do not use drugs of any kind and no longer drink alcohol and yet I have these otherworldly experiences at a greater and greater frequency. Why? Because I continue to intend to expand my consciousness and the range of my perceptions and in so doing, I continue to climb out of the box constructed by the ruling elite’s restrictive ‘five senses’ worldview.  

I continue to treat all of my experience as real and report it as real. What others make of this reporting is up to them.

Freedom for humanity…


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