Nibiru and the Anannuki

A friend sent me a message from Nibiru and the Anannuki channeled by Méline Lafont and asked my opinion. The message itself is a positive and loving message dealing with the coming contributions the lost planet of Nibiru, that travels an elliptical orbit mostly far from the sun, and its inhabitants, the Anannuki, will play in the coming Ascension. I began my response with some historical thoughts based on my understanding of humanity’s past interactions with the Anunnaki, the dark intentioned predecessors of the Light intended Anannuki:   

The Nibiru/Anunnaki string has always seemed like truth to me and I have been following it for several years; even read a Zecharia Sitchin book or two along the way. Galactic histories that resonated for me have the Anunnaki exploiting humanity as gods with advanced technologies. They were in some way connected to the Fall of Atlantis, although not connected directly to the Sons of Belial, who were the ruling elite predecessors and became the Anunnaki’s earth bound minions. The Anunnaki sat in on the Ankara Alliance war councils representing earth and the rest of this solar system. In the process, they protected earth and humanity from the worst of the ravenges of reptilian occupation including convincing the Alliance that everything was under control and an invasion was not merited after the atomic bombings that ended WWII. I believe the ruling elite’s illusion was crafted by the Anunnaki. Brilliant, my daughter terms it, as humanity has served dark agendas without resistance because we collectively believed we were free.
The Anunnaki were responsible for the genetic reengineering of humanity after the Fall to place us in limited consciousness and become willing participants in the illusion but have also contributed positively as this process is now being reversed. In the late 1990’s when Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda, he advised all the created warrior nations to follow his lead and with few exceptions, they followed Ankara’s lead. The warrior nations sued for inclusion in the Galactic Federation of Light and were accepted as part of the Galactic peace treaties. The warrior nations then withdrew from conquered territory and are now inward oriented bringing sovereignty to their home worlds.
I do not believe the Anunnaki were a created warrior race instead they originated in another evolutionary stream and joined the warrior alliance. I do believe the Anunnaki gladly followed Ankara’s lead and have joined the Light’s agenda – gladly and wholeheartedly. I have expected Nibiru to be part of the Ascension process and this message’s explanation of how that will happen feels like truth.

The message itself is filled with love and indicates Nibiru and the Anannuki is all part of the Divine plan for the ascension of Earth and its human inhabitants. The dark intentions of the former inhabitants have been transcended and the current inhabitants of Nibiru are dedicated to the Light’s agenda and have already ascended into the higher dimensions. They are working with the rest of our ET supporters to have this grand plan fall seamlessly into place.

For me, the difficult part of this message is the references to the coming human capability to instantly manifest the reality of our choice. I know this is coming but this information has it being brought forward into the transitional period soon to come whereas I thought this capability would be delayed until after Ascension. I have napped away the day digesting this twist and it seems like truth. In that case, humanity will experience many transitional timelines, some chaotic and filled with drama, others smooth and with a minimum of trauma, and some in-between. With containment of the ruling elite, their preferred fear based timelines will not be manifest by them; however, those imbued in their illusion may manifest the chaotic and drama filled timelines. Interesting…

My intention is to manifest realities of smooth and joy-filled transitions as we approach Ascension and move along the timeline of peace, abundance and oneness toward being and becoming multidimensional human beings.

Freedom for humanity…


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