Containment – 100 Days Later

The first hundred days of containment passed about a week ago in early October. When someone is placed in containment, actions counter the greater good are disallowed. Containment began on June 25, a few days after the June solstice deadline for the ruling elite to surrender to the Light’s agenda and begin an orderly transfer of power. The hard liners of the ruling elite carried the day and the ruling elite’s choice was to refuse to surrender in a defiant ‘Come and get us’ kind of machismo.

No one knew about containment before it was used. The process was developed in the Angelic Kingdom and has not been used before within humanity and rarely anywhere in the universe. It violates the free will of those under containment and therefore must receive cosmic sanction. The ruling elite have long violated the free will of others and have stood recalcitrantly as a roadblock to Ascension. The passing of the deadline triggered cosmic approval to use containment.  

Containment has been carried out in stages with the first stage targeting the leaders of the ruling elite who all had made great preparations to defend themselves from the Light and from what they saw as this day of reckoning. They had no defense against containment and all the leaders were soon contained. From that beginning, it was spread layer by layer and now includes many well known world leader, puppets of the ruling elite; along with many key leaders in the ruling elite’s control systems such as banking, industry, military and law enforcement.

By the end of the 100 days, all of the ruling elite were contained, top to bottom of this relatively small human subculture who had controlled humanity since the Fall of Atlantis. Behind the scenes, Lightworkers worked unimpeded and unopposed to put in place shadow systems for a Light based financial system that will be triggered when the ruling elite’s duality financial system collapses. The same is true of duality legal systems, duality governance, and duality’s control of the media. In parallel streams, energies supporting these duality systems is being drained away and by now, the entire illusion created and maintained by the ruling elite is a mere shell of its former glory. Support for the illusion continues from the unawakened masses and the illusion continues to function but will soon short out and be no more.

Humanity’s off world supporters have been very active in the oneness preparation process, providing expertise and models from their home worlds and of course, the process of containment, which has eliminated high level resistance to the shift into oneness.

The shift ending the ruling elite’s illusion will be triggered shortly which in off world terminology means a matter of days. The shift will usher in the golden era of oneness including disclosure where our off world supporters are introduced and we begin an ongoing dialogue with access to their wisdom, their love and compassion, and their abundance technologies.

All of this is essentially third dimension shifts as in the higher dimensions, including the fifth dimension of Ascension, each individual will innately possess abundance and money will no longer serve any purpose. The ruling elite had hoped to continue to dominate the third dimension and these shifts will make that impossible. Good news for all of humanity and especially that portion of humanity who chooses to continue a third dimensional experience. This oneness based third dimensional human experience will be a stepping stone into the higher dimensions and into Ascension; making it easier for those who stay behind to ascend at a later date.

I am hopeful of playing my role in this third dimensional shift before I ascend with Earth and millions of humans during the coming December solstice timeframe. Exciting times.

Freedom for humanity…


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