Bright and Beautiful Timelines

Humanity’s shared timeline is breaking in two. This is unavoidable since some of humanity is heading for Ascension and a shift into the higher dimensions and some is choosing to stay behind in the third dimension. There are many reasons for this split, first and foremost being free will. We live in a free will universe and the apparent suddenness of Ascension is catching the unawakened masses unprepared and some will make the free will choice to continue learning in the denser third dimension.

Not to worry however as the shared timeline in either case is bright and beautiful. Let’s first look at the parallel but separate timeline shifts now taking place.

The Ascension timeline has a portion of humanity shifting into the fifth dimension. This is the timeline that has the attention of the universe. This is the timeline that has filled Earth’s skies with supportive ETs and has Source beaming uplifting energies our way. This is the timeline that was scheduled eons ago and is proceeding as scheduled despite all attempts to derail it. This is the timeline that saw humanity turn the consciousness corner with the Harmonic Convergence twenty five years ago. This is the timeline that ended the galactic wars fifteen years ago. This is the timeline that withdrew energetic support for duality a year ago come October 28th. This is the timeline that will see Earth ascend into a home for fifth dimensional life on 12-12-12 and will see a portion of humanity ascend into the fifth dimension nine days later on 21-12-12; at the December solstice.

This timeline has a ripple effect for all of creation and a measure of the importance of this event is all the advanced civilizations supporting Earth and humanity in the coming shift. I intend to be a part of this timeline and take part in the Ascension event. This timeline is bright and beautiful beyond description, in fact beyond my current ability to imagine. Basic starters for this timeline are oneness, rejuvenation, abundance and individual sovereignty; all birthrights of the ascended fifth dimensional human being. Duality cannot exist in this timeline and will naturally fall away, unable to gain so much as a toehold.

The parallel but separate timeline is the third dimensional timeline. This timeline is an afterthought; a later day invention resulting from the dark’s long hold on humanity’s shared timeline. In the original planning of the human experiment, all of humanity ascended together on 21-12-12. Humanity worked together with the human experiment’s creators and with highly evolved sister civilizations throughout the universe. This plan fell off the rails when this solar system became part of the dark’s territory sometime before the Fall of Atlantis. The Dark worked diligently to derail ascension and prevent humanity from completing the planned move into the higher dimensions.  

Free will allowed this interference to take place and the dark created an illusion based on duality complete with supporting structures. These structures remain a year after support for duality ended and weeks after containment ended active support for these structures. As a result, a large percentage of humanity remains imbued with the illusion of duality and many will choose, consciously or subconsciously, to continue their third dimensional existence. The ruling elite, the dark’s earth bound minions, chose to continue to fight for humanity’s third dimensional shared timeline and used the various advantages given them by their off world masters as the means to achieve this aim. It was not until the June solstice, six months before Ascension, that the ruling elite’s delaying tactics were ended; much too late for all of humanity to ascend together.

The result is a third dimensional timeline and the ruling elite have fought skillfully to control this timeline. Timelines are the result of the collective consciousness of those sharing the timeline and human Lightworkers have been winning the battles for humanity’s shared timeline for the last twenty five years. Containment ended the ruling elite’s coordinated efforts for control of humanity’s third dimensional timeline and we are on the cusp of shift unlike any in human history. Third dimensional humanity will be shifting into a timeline of disclosure (open dialogue with our ET supporters), oneness governance and abundance through oneness financial systems and abundance technologies. The ruling elite cannot control such a world and are already an historical footnote as containment has eliminated their ability to bring negative influences into humanity’s shared third dimensional timeline.

The ruling elite’s illusion is about to fall, opening up a bright and beautiful shared third dimensional human timeline.

Freedom for humanity…


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