An Education

In a key scene from the 2009 movie called An Education set in 1960’s suburban London, the worldly playboy boyfriend of a high school student steals some valuable art from a house put up for sale and the student starts to walk away but the good times call and she sticks around, no longer naive; now aware that her boyfriend engages in illegal activities to fund his lifestyle. Her education has only just begun.

An education is critical for any task and especially critical when undertaking a mission or a life’s work. In late 2008 I was guided to expand my focus in order to live my mission. I was recreating myself and asked for my own education in order to live my mission. How does the world I live in really work? Over the first six or eight months of 2009, books called to me and one even jumped off the shelf and landed at my feet. It was tough going as educations often are and I learned about the world in which we live. My education was tailor made for me and seemingly unrelated topics were tied together in order for me to have an understanding sufficient for what I came to do, sufficient for me to walk the path of my mission.

I learned about world finance, banking and debt. I learned about warmongering and the CIA. I learned about dysfunction within the United Nations. Most of all, I learned about the ruling elite; a small and ruthless human subculture who were exploiting humanity and controlling world affairs. The books were not written about the ruling elite, those kinds of books are difficult to publish; however, as is often true in a real education, the student ends up knowing more about their targeted subject matter than many of his/her teachers. A year or two later, I read one of David Icke’s self published books where he arrives at similar conclusions. It was wonderful confirmation of my own education.

When a paradigm shift is involved, that shift is a distinct element of the education. For a period I was open to two different paradigms, traditional and conspiracy worldviews; and I tested new information against each. It quickly became evident that the conspiracy worldview with the existence of self interested ruling elite seamlessly explained both current and past events; whereas the traditional worldview left many unanswered questions. I still remember testing one author’s premise of incompetency in the treatment of Iranian nationals by the United Nations after the US led invasion. The author was using a traditional worldview. From the conspiracy worldview, everyone was acting in complete competence, albeit malevolent competency. That was my paradigm shift. Since then, world affairs were no longer a mystery. The ruling elite was pulling the strings and controlling the media reports. Everything began falling into place.

A shift is coming and the conspiracy worldview is about to go the way of the buggy whip and the slide rule, this worldview is about to slide into oblivion; but understanding it was necessary in order to do my part in creating this shift. That is the true value of an education. An education is a platform from which to make one’s unique contributions to the world in which we live.  

Many are about to undergo an education and not voluntarily as was the case with me. The unawakened masses are about to be educated and learn that the worldview they have long held has been an illusion and those they have trusted all these years have been untrustworthy. Unlike my paradigm shift made by choice, this will force a paradigm shift through ‘in your face’ world events.

The ruling elite are no longer in power. They are contained and either sitting on the sidelines unable to negatively influence world affairs or shifted in support of oneness. The duality systems they created are about to collapse, imploding in upon the unsustainable and unsupported shells of their former selves. In their place are oneness systems ready to be implemented.

This shift will usher in a whole new world, a world of disclosure with ongoing dialogues with our many ET friends, a world of abundance with free energy and other abundance technologies, and a world of oneness finances without debt where no one has to work for a living as all survival needs are easily manifest. All of these technologies exist but have been repressed by the ruling elite in order to continue the illusion of duality and scarcity. The illusion is about to crumble before our very eyes.

Freedom for humanity…


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