Equality of Men and Women

In my blog written two days ago called An Education, I mentioned a book that literally jumped off the shelf and fell at my feet during my education in 2009. That book was Iran Awakening, an autobiography written by 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian woman. It begins with a childhood experience in 1953. The adults are huddled around the radio listening to the Shah’s supporters who have succeeded in a coupe d’état of the popular and venerated Prime Minister Mossadegh, who had two years earlier nationalized the Iranian oil industry giving the people of Iran the lion’s share, rather than a slim percentage of the industry’s profit. The coupe installed the Shah as dictator and was masterminded and funded by American and British interests, led by Kermit Roosevelt, a grandson of Teddy and a CIA operative.

Yesterday, I went to see a movie called Argo, directed by actor Ben Affleck who plays the lead role as Tony Mendez, a later day CIA operative who rescues six Americans who escaped from the US embassy before it was taken over by Iranian militants in 1979 during the overthrow of the Shah. In the stage setting monologue, a brief Iranian history is given and to my surprise, these events which happened a quarter of a century earlier are given full and sympathetic coverage. The Shah had little popular support and ruled by force and terror, living in opulence while his people lived in poverty and the county’s oil was exploited for the profit of the oil companies. All of this is covered in the movie. Truth from Hollywood! What a novel concept. My hat is off to you, Ben Affleck.

In my words, the US and the CIA supported the Shah in return for the Shah’s support of Big Oil as dictated by the ruling elite. Things in Iran did not get any better after the Shah was overthrown as the clerics who took over continued to support the ruling elite and continued to oppress the Iranian people. The police state continued, now run by the clerics instead of a dictator. For women, the situation got far worse as the fundamentalists adopted male dominance in all aspects of their control structures.

This was not the only book written by a woman in the Islamic world that was included in my education. Choosing to be a sovereign woman in this currently male dominated society is no easy life path and I honour those who have chosen these life circumstances. One lives a life on the run in Afghanistan even though she is a duly elected member of their government. Another spent twenty five years in prison because of the crimes of her father. Another book included in my education was a well known work of fiction presenting the woman’s point of view in a male dominated Afghan household. Another was the true story of creating schools for women in war torn Afghanistan. I honour women all over the world and especially those choosing to be born into these trying and currently unequal circumstances.

The coming shift is happening from the inside out and is happening in each of us. Each of us is shifting toward sovereignty and toward equality. It does not matter if we are currently part of those who oppress or part of those being oppressed. The shift is taking place in our hearts and this shift is now on the cusp of being manifest as a worldwide shift of a magnitude none can imagine. This shift will affect all of humanity in all planes and in all dimensions. This shift signals the end of duality in human society and nowhere is duality currently more evident than in male female interactions. This shift will begin oneness and oneness sees males and females as equals; each making their own unique contributions to the whole, to oneness.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe and love is driving the coming shift. The shift is aligned with Ascension, the process of moving into a higher dimension. Both, the shift and Ascension, are aligned with the raising of human consciousness. They are parallel processes and will each happen in accordance with their own Divine right timing but both are being driven by the same energies and by the same motivations. It is time for humanity to return to wholeness. Borrowing from a concept in one of the books; it is time for humanity to fly once again and it takes two wings to fly. Both the male and female must be equal in order to take flight. That is happening in the hearts of people throughout the world, both men and women.

Freedom for humanity…


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