Twin Flame/Completion

One of my friends is doing some learning around the concept of her twin flame. It has been tough going as a very attractive other worldly entity had been imagined as her twin flame and the recent information nixed that and suggested a less attractive prime candidate. This friend has been asking my opinion as this learning takes place which has given me the opportunity to examine my current beliefs.

First a definition. Souls are created in pairs that complement each other and the other half of your pair is your twin flame; also called your completion. These twin souls are forever connected although they do not necessarily spend time together in each lifetime.

I call our twin flame our completion which is another commonly used name for the phenomenon and to me ‘completion’ is descriptive of the balance targeted in the creation process. Each of us is an individuation created out of oneness and in any individuation; some qualities are emphasized while others are de-emphasized. That is what makes us unique. We are still a part of the oneness, but we are also unique and to some extent, out of balance. I believe this is why we are created in pairs so balance can be given in the pair. Our completion or twin flame is the perfect compliment for us, and together we have the balance of oneness. When we are separated from our twin flame/completion we feel incomplete and that is because we are not balanced; we are not in perfect harmony with the oneness. 
It is not within my current memory to have spent time with my twin flame/completion so I cannot speak from experience. I have seen it in others and they appear balanced; in harmony both together and in relationship with the outside world. From the limitations of my 3D thinking, I believe balance and harmony is part of being reunited with one’s completion. 
That we can have profound non-sexual relationships is certainly truth and it happens all the time, for instance with family members, friends, etc. Love and romantic love which is love with sexual attraction are not two different things. Love is love and it does not change. Romantic love is love; however, it has sexual attraction as an added element. Marianne Williamson teaches that love is inclusive, we best serve by loving everyone, and sex is exclusive, more than one sexual partner does not serve, and I agree. My belief is that the element of sexual attraction is a part of what naturally happens in human bodies when connecting with our twin flame/completion. Sexual attraction and love are not necessarily connected and it is certainly possible to be sexually attracted to someone we do not love. We can also be sexually attracted to someone other than our completion. As already stated, love without sexual attraction is possible, in fact commonplace. It is of course possible to love everyone. That is agape, borrowing from the Greeks who divided love into eros (love with sexual attraction) and agape (love). A useful distinction as long as we remember that love is love.
I believe many of us will be meeting our twin flame/completion in this lifetime after ascension. I believe that once a base learning is achieved by each half of the pair, it is natural to continue our learning in the company of our completion. We then learn together rather than as an individual. That does not preclude individual missions and times of separation; but as multidimensional beings we can visit and share together even while being on separate missions.

I believe I will be reunited with my completion once the heavy lifting of my current life mission is completed. This has been confirmed in a variety of ways; one of which was a short etheric visit by my completion as a kind of preview of what is to come. When the road ahead looks long and arduous, I reference back to that experience and its magnetic qualities to keep me keeping on.

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