Keeping a Safe Place Safe

A few months ago, I got an invite to a Facebook group that arose as a ‘safe place’ to exchange views about Ascension. It was all current or former Patrick (not his real name) followers and I checked out the invitation carefully as it came from someone I did not know. By the way, Patrick is not a group member. Once determining it came from the heart, I accepted the invitation and began to participate, owning my low opinion of Patrick and the fact I no longer listen to anything he has to say. This was accepted as my truth and I have continued participating in the same vein ever since.

Yesterday, the moderator took issue with the sharing done by another member who more recently left Patrick’s influence and took a paragraph of her sharing as the subject for an open discussion:  “As for Patrick, I feel he carries very dark energy. But on the other hand, personally, I feel like there was some part of me that chose to play with that situation, learn from it, grow stronger from running up against it. Once I got what I needed from it, saw the truth, I moved on and have felt much better after clearing a lot of pretty negative forces that I received when I first joined with Patrick.”

The universe arranged for the writer to be away. I am in complete alignment with the paragraph and took on the role of defending what had been said and defending the posting of things uncomplimentary to Patrick based on the personal experience of the person doing the sharing.

My heart chakra was going off big time throughout and I just stayed in my heart chakra for each response. This proved to be a key statement I made early in the discussion. ‘I found Patrick to carry much dark energy. To me he operated as do the ruling elite. Controlling, disempowering, and attacking those who expressed their sovereignty.’ That Patrick acts in this manner was agreed and we then got into some of the excuses others make for his actions.

Excuse number one: ‘It is just his ego.’ Ego does not excuse any behavior. We are responsible for our actions. (Full stop)

Excuse number two: ‘Self interested yes, ‘dark’ no.’   To me, there is no difference between being a dark force and acting the way dark forces act. If there is to you, or to anyone else, that is up to you, that is part of your free will choice.

By then, the writer of the offending piece returned and made her comment and the moderator who lives in Europe was ready for bed so there it was left. It was soon my bedtime and off I went only to lay awake for an hour or more with the energies of all of this roiling within.  There seemed a resumption of the energies of the night before: Had an intense couple of hours the night before last. First clearing some blocking energy and then integrating some building energies. The energies woke me and had me wide awake even out of bed for 45 minutes during the nearly 2 hour episode from 2.14 until after 4 that morning. All chakra related stuff as the energies moved around my five higher chakras in a random but ordered sort of way including energies in my crown chakra; something that has not been part of my experience much before. This morning there were residuals as if to say, ‘We were here; glad to see you are fine.’ Big smile.  

It all cleared with the knowing that there is no room for the kind of actions as taken by Patrick in the timeline of my choice. Sooner or later controlling, disempowering, and attacking those who express their sovereignty are actions that will be called and actions that will no longer work. That time is coming and coming fast. Patrick’s influence is still providing a learning environment for people who want to experience such things, but as sovereignty becomes the norm; such actions will no longer be tolerated. These kinds of energies are being cleared from earth and cleared from humanity.

It may not be my job to clear these particular energies, but I expressed my willingness if that serves the greater good.

Freedom for humanity…


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