The Takers

We are entering a new stage of truth and awareness in the world in which we live. Part of that is information from our galactic brethren including those responsible for the creation of the human experiment here on earth. There is some truly earth shattering information coming to light. Pun intended.

As I piece this together, it seems the human experiment targeted to create a humanoid civilization capable of carrying enough light to ascend into the fifth dimension and become multidimensional; able to travel multidimensionally from the platform of their ascended human body in the fifth dimension. The human body with this potential capability was called the Adam Kadmon body. The experiment began in the third dimension in order to learn the lessons of separation and have those lessons encoded in the DNA going forward. So far, so good.

The experiment was hijacked by predatory civilizations based on DNA with ‘eat or be eaten’ codings. These predatory civilizations introduced reptilian DNA into the experiment with the ‘eat or be eaten’ codings. The creators of the experiment were forced into the role of spectators as earth was now part of ‘dark’ held territory and Source sanctioned the experiment to continue. All of this took the creators of the experiment by surprise as such a possibility was not part of the design criteria.

In some cases, the Kundalini energy actually reversed and travelled down the spine. In these cases, the individuals became vicious and ‘heartless’ as they no longer gave and only took. Constant taking murders the heart and the only way to continue is to keep on taking. This they did, incarnation after incarnation, and the human design was too trusting to defend against this unanticipated turn of events. As a result, the constant takers took control within the third dimension and set up the illusion of scarcity and duality that continues to this day.

In the late 1990’s, the leaders of the predatory civilizations sued for galactic peace and the Takers on earth found their support system dissolving beneath their feet. They were offered terms of surrender continuously over the past decade but consistently declined as their fear based and heartless worldview saw a glorious flame out as preferable to life without power.  They hung on tenaciously and skillfully using every trick in their heartless arsenal. Early in this year, their trump card was taken from them when the earth’s nuclear weapons were wrested from their control and still they soldiered on, preventing disclosure and continuing to feed the illusion of scarcity and duality.

 The June solstice, four months ago, was the final deadline for the Takers to surrender and participate in an orderly transfer of power. Still they declined. A few days later, on June 25th, containment began. Containment is a rarely used angelic process that prevents someone from taking actions that violate the greater good. Over a period of a few weeks the entire band of heartless Takers was placed in containment and they could then only watch as the energy of their illusion was drained from earth.

Cosmic approval had been given to end the Takers way of life, not only here on earth but everywhere in the galaxy, in fact everywhere in the created universe. The density of the third dimension and the trusting population that the Takers had so long exploited had allowed this artificial and unsustainable lifestyle to thrive but the gig was up.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the collective human consciousness had been choosing Light based options and the Takers were now a rogue entity violating humanity’s free will. Containment targets rehabilitation and the Takers were placed in a box of Light that continuously generates rehabilitative energies. Aside from their inability to take harmful actions, the Takers retain their free will, albeit with limited options. That process continues to play out; however, the option of continuing in power and exploiting others is no longer available. Not only here on earth but everywhere in Creation.

For Earth and for humanity this is a precursor for beneficial and beautiful change. For the Takers it is the beginning of their return to Source. They have taken this particular evolutionary detour as far as it would take them. These lose/lose options have now disappeared from Creation.

Freedom for humanity…


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