Supporting Containment

Containment has forever shifted the nature of our world. The leaders of the scarcity and duality timeline currently governing humanity are all now contained. We are shifting into oneness and we are very near the point where the dominos fall and systems and structures built to support scarcity and duality collapse in upon themselves. They will be replaced with abundance and oneness systems and structures which are waiting in the wings.

A natural consequence of this shift will be truth and a part of truth will be disclosure; where we get to meet and interact with our ET friends who are waiting an invitation to land and be a part of the third dimensional dialogues and interactions. We are about to become a galactic society rather than a global society.

Part of truth is the former existence of an unelected ruling class I have called the ruling elite. I say former because they are all now contained and are no longer ruling; in fact can no longer rule. Humans have been conditioned to our current justice system with trials and verdicts and judgements and there will be a call to bring members of the ruling elite to justice. Containment has made this completely unnecessary and I want to go on record as supporting containment and opposed to continuing with our current justice system.

Our justice system is a part of the ruling elite’s structures, along with case law, prisons and all the rest. They support scarcity and duality. I want no part of any of this.

Some channeled messages seem to me to be disconnected from containment and the miracles that are taking place because containment is in place. With containment, the ruling elite are already ousted. There is no need for trials or any form of ‘justice’ which is in my view a form of revenge. I do not support this kind of approach. What I support is to continue the containment process and to work with everyone within that framework. As an example, who better to shift the banking systems into the Light than contained banking executives who are contained and have either shifted into the Light or are highly evolved walk-ins serving the Light. Same with governance. Same in every aspect of our world. Containment prevents the former ‘dark’ supporters from taking actions other that those that serve the greater good. I don’t want them gone and I especially don’t want them on trial. They are not the same as they were. They are contained.
I have a friend who placed a workshop giver in containment and he is another example. Once shifted into the Light which is happening or has happened, I want him back out there doing what he has trained himself to do. Giving workshops and helping people connect with the Light. He will remain contained so the harmful parts of the workshop will no longer happen, can no longer happen; and everyone wins.
My friend, (etheric as we have never met in the physical) the prime minister of Canada is another excellent example. I am sure he took part in ‘dark’ activities before he was contained and could be brought to trial. He is now contained and working to right the wrongs he helped create. He is now a highly evolved soul serving the Light in that human vehicle. Putting that human vehicle on trial would be a step backward; a big step backward.

Let’s proceed with containment and use it as our primary vehicle to affect the shift into abundance and oneness. Turning to our or any justice system would be huge step backward. Let’s stay the course and move into abundance and oneness without trials, without verdicts and without prisons. In abundance there is much less need for any of this as stealing becomes mute, we can each just make more. In oneness punishment becomes retrogressive and rehabilitation is always the way to go. Containment rehabilitates. Containment prevents continued abuses of power and harmful actions of any kind.

Containment is the way to go. The timeline of my choice proceeds with containment and leaves the concepts of justice, trials, verdicts and judgements behind.

Freedom for humanity…


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