Inner and Outer Shifts

A lot of information is coming forth that humanity’s move into the fifth dimension is well underway and in fact, many thousands of humans have already ascended and now live in the fifth dimension. Yes, they may slip back into the third from time to time, but those ascended humans now live in the fifth. They don’t look different or seem otherworldly in any way but they are already ascended.

One of the markers of such humans is less and less concern for third dimensional issues and concerns and in this aspect, I certainly excel. For decades, I have not watched the news or participated in ‘keeping abreast’. I stay well informed but choose my sources carefully and those matters that are of interest to me come to me in one form or another. In this way, I take no part in the fear mongering that is a staple of every news report within the controlled media. My target is to live without fear and I achieve this target by and large, no matter what I am doing at the time. I remember walking home after dark two or three years ago and entertaining fearful thoughts. By choice, I let them go and returned to ‘I am protected, I am part of oneness’ and the walk shifted back to a peaceful and joyful experience. That is how rare fear based thoughts are within my experience.

A useful distinction for me has been to separate the shifts into inner and outer shifts. The inner shifts are shifts in consciousness and shifts in perception. The outer shifts are shifts into abundance and shifts into oneness. These are related and are happening in parallel streams but they are each happening in accordance with their own Divine timing. Let me explain.

The inner shifts are what people call Ascension and have a fixed date around which they revolve. That date is the December solstice now less than two months away. At that time, a massive infusion of inner energy will affect us all. Those who accept this infusion and integrate it will be forever shifted and gain capabilities that presently seem miraculous, such as instant manifestation and existing outside of time. Earth will have already shifted into a home for fifth dimensional life (to be completed on 12-12-12) and we will continue to learn our experiential lessons in this new and beautiful world. Inner shifts occur individually and each of us has our own timing and pace. The way showers and pathfinders are already well advanced on this path, thus the thousands already ascended and living in the fifth dimension. They hold the space and are the living patterns so the masses can join us at the appointed time.

The outer shifts into abundance and oneness are happening at no fixed schedule. They may happen within days and there is much excitement and anticipation that this may be so; or they may continue to be delayed. Unlike the inner shifts which are already happening in many people and will take a quantum leap in less than sixty days, the outer shifts have been delayed and may continue to be delayed into the indefinite future. The outer shifts are linked to the collective consciousness but do not have a Divinely appointed schedule as is the case with the inner shifts. Ascension is an inside out process and the outer world will come into compliance at some point but that timing is flexible.

The ruling elite are contained and are no longer manipulating our shared reality. Individually we are moving into abundance and oneness at an amazing pace and it is only a matter of time before our outer world follows suit. It is my belief that this shift will be sudden and irreversible and will soon be triggered.

What can we expect in this outer shift?  The collapse of the existing scarcity financial systems which will be instantly replaced with abundance financial systems. The end of wars and occupations throughout the world. Disclosure which will introduce our ET supporters and open up an ongoing dialogue so humanity can benefit from their abundance technology and their models of governance. Human history will be rewritten from the perspective of Truth.

The important shift is the inner shift. Mine is going along swimmingly and I am well pleased with my progress, following each day the guidance that comes my way. The inner shift eventually drives the outer shift and my intention is to do what is mine and what is given me to do in terms of effecting this outer shift.

The more my inner world evolves, the more influence I have in creating the outer world of my choice.  

Freedom for humanity…


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