The Missing Flight of 9/11

I know someone who was studying to be an air traffic controller several years ago sometime after 9/11 had occurred. They had access to video investigations of various crash sites and he became convince that no plane had hit the Pentagon. The damage was not the damage a plane would do and there was no aircraft debris. ‘What happened to the plane and its passengers’, he asked? This was new information to me at the time as I had not been interested in this aspect of 9/11 but I took the intention of answering this question. How was it possible that an entire plane and its many passengers could disappear without a trace?

The answer came a few months later. The plane was diverted to Cleveland and landed safely on the runway and the passengers were taken into maximum security, away from the rest of the closed down airport. The plane itself continues in service presumably with decoy identifications. What happened to the passengers?

The rest is my speculation as I cannot prove any of this and none of the passengers has come forth to tell their story as yet, or at least none whose story has come to my attention. I believe they were put into the witness protection program, given false identities and all the amenities money can buy. Part of the deal is they cannot contact family or friends. They have to start over and lead a new life, a life of leisure no doubt, but also a life without a past; living a lie as a retired this or that. Very much a life of inauthenticity.  

I stepped into these shoes and did not like it one bit. In the witness protection cases we hear about, the witness fears detection in their new identity and accept their new identity out of fear, cooperating to keep their true identify secret. In this case, we have people who suddenly and unexpectedly are being told, ‘You can no longer live the life you have lived. Here is a new identity and all your material needs will be well taken care of. Your family and friends believe you dead and under no circumstances are you to contact them or dissuade them of this belief.’ What would convince me to go along with this plan and what would keep me from blowing the whistle? Money would not do it. Patriotism would not do it. That leaves us with fear and helplessness. Fear and helplessness are the only tools that would have any chance of gaining my compliance and continuing it for over a decade.

Stories are starting to come out about the kinds of threats made to people with information that threatens the ruling elite. Your life is threatened of course, but that is only a start. The lives of those you hold dear is threatened including children and grandchildren and we are not talking of a peaceful or a painless death either; and part of the deal is you get to witness their slow and painful death before experiencing your own. Hmmm…perhaps I could be convinced to cooperate.

At the time of 9/11, did the ruling elite have that kind of scope and power? Without question they did and their ruthlessness is legendary. Let us now fast forward a few years. My keepers have done their best to keep me dumbed down and compliant, but I yearn to return to authenticity, I yearn to tell the truth. How would I proceed? Everything I do is monitored; after all, I am a security risk of the highest order. Attempts to tell the truth ring alarm bells and my keepers arrange a fresh round of visitors with fresh threats and perhaps a lessening of my privileges. I find I am quite helpless and enter into greater and greater compliance, making the most of this inauthentic life I have been forced to lead.

Fast forward to today. The ruling elite are all contained so they can no longer give orders to continue to enforce my silence. Is it now safe for me to blow my cover and reclaim the life I lived over a decade ago? Not likely. My classification as a security risk of the highest order is still operative. I cannot travel freely or make any contacts other than those authorized.

Can you see how all of this could be truth? I certainly can.

We are fast approaching that time when the lid comes off this boiling pot. When that happens, all kinds of closely guarded secrets will tumble out of the ruling elite’s closet. I believe the missing flight of 9/11 will be one of those secrets.

Freedom for humanity…


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