Cloud Atlas

I went to the movie Cloud Atlas yesterday afternoon in a party of five organized by my daughter, Tamara. Three of us went for dinner after and got a kids colouring page which was blank on the back to see if we could piece together the complex story line. Over the next couple of hours with the help of the internet giving names to the various roles played by each actor, we pieced it together and uncovered a submerged plot line that is hinted but not explained in the movie. Bye the way, don’t worry about not understanding it all as it is a riveting and awesome three hour experience and the themes of reincarnation, freedom, human dignity, equality and courage shine through and become everyone’s shared experience.  

It was directed by the Wachowski siblings famous for directing the Matrix Trilogy and serendipitously someone sent me a speech Lana Wachowski gave when accepting the visibility award for the Human Rights Campaign. Lana, formerly Laurence, of the Wachowski brothers now has the public persona of a woman named Lana. This is all well accepted within her family including Lana’s wife who as Lana says loved her because of who she was rather than in spite of who she was. The speech is awesome and takes the listener through Lana’s painfully shy experience of a transgender lifetime and coming to terms with being authentic within that experience. No wonder these siblings can make movies of such depth and illumination.

Like the Matrix Trilogy, Cloud Atlas is a movie outside of the illusion as created by the ruling elite. A lasting impression after seeing this movie is that it could not have been made even a year or two ago as there would have been too much resistance and too much control coming from the ruling elite. The germination of the movie was back in 2005 when the book of the same name was given to Lana as a possible future movie. It took seven years to gestate, in those seven years the blockages were cleared and that includes the energetic blockages as created by the ruling elite and their control mechanisms. Lana has long lived outside of these energies but they have impacted her in many ways, especially as it relates to their intolerance of free thinking independent people.

There are six timelines in Cloud Atlas, three in the past, one in the present and two in the future. All deal with various aspects of freedom. Slavery before emancipation in the States is the first timeline. The next is in England, in the 1930’s with those of privilege lording it over those without. Then a timeline in the seventies with corporations expanding their influence and control in the name of greed. The present timeline is also about greed and the need for those of privilege to control others. The first of the future timelines has systemic control based on the false but enforced premise of unanimity and the ruling class’s response to threats to this illusion. To me, it was a stylized expression of what the ruling elite has been attempting to create in their New World Order. The last timeline is after it all comes apart and remnants of humanity live in primitive conditions while other remnants are highly technologically advanced and the interactions between the two remnants.

Fortunately the future timelines depicted in the movie are no longer probable, and may even be already collapsed. We are headed for a bright and beautiful future timeline of oneness and abundance where technologies serve rather than enslave. The Lightworking community is on the leading edge as we move into this timeline and even those who chose to stay behind in the denser three D shared human timeline will experience freedom and abundance on a scale unimagined in today’s world and far different from the grim and fear filled future timelines depicted in the movie. Much more like the star world that is the home for the beginning and ending of the movie. Love is the glue holding it all together; always was and always will be.

Freedom for humanity…


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