Massive Enegy Clearings

I am loving the clearings currently being done by Gaia. It is kind of like spring cleaning where all the crud and debris of the winter is cleared away and a new season begins. In this case, the cleaning is from eons of duality and Gaia is getting ready for a new era of oneness and abundance. Once energies are being cleared, they are not being allowed back as they no longer belong and can no longer contribute to what is intended or to the timeline chosen by Gaia and humanity. The chosen timeline is a timeline of oneness and abundance and the energies being cleared are energies of duality and scarcity.

The east coast hurricane is a big deal in this regard. So I hear from various internet sources and so I am being told by my guides and my sources. The hurricane is really a big deal energetically, happening at the full moon and in conjunction with plasma from the central sun and our own sun’s activities also boosting the process. Gaia is less than fifty days away from shifting into a higher dimension (final stages are happening on 12-12-12) and these clearings are a necessary part of this shift.

As can be expected with the controlled media, fear mongering as a big part of the coverage, but even thought the masses are stoked with fear and focus on disaster, the hurricane will pass without significant loss of life because there are now so many Lightworkers using their power to assist Gaia and keep the hurricane at sea where hurricanes are intended to spin out their great energy and shift the unwanted energies into energies that serve.

In the worldview of oneness, humanity is part of Gaia and the energies we collectively have created are the root cause of hurricanes as the negative energies of duality and scarcity build up, especially in the Atlantic between the two great bastions of duality and scarcity, namely the United States and Europe. These obsolete energies build up and must be cleared and this gigantic hurricane is part of the final clearing for Gaia and for humanity.   

I can feel this in so many ways and joy floods thru me. I went walking after posting my blog yesterday and the energies stopped me on two or three occasions to be cleared in massive jolts, no longer from my feet as was the case in May and for the summer. Now the obsolete energies just pass into the ethers and seem to be taken from the planet, Gaia, and from the dimensions housing humanity. So many things are contributing in the present time with clearings all over the place; awesome stuff.

Draining all this energy is a prelude to the biggest shutdown in human history which is coming soon. In this shutdown, all the duality systems that ran off the energies of scarcity and duality will be shut down and collapse in upon themselves. Humanity’s entire economic system will collapse as free energy will shut down Big Oil, utilities and the entire energy sector. The banking systems will be shifted as banks will serve the people and there will be massive worldwide debt forgiveness. All of this is a prelude to money becoming valueless as we shift into abundance technologies and the instant manifestation of all human needs. Exploitive and polluting activities of all kinds will cease as humanity learns and adopts ET technologies that honour Gaia and create all we need without mining, drilling, burning, lumbering or any of the invasive technologies that are now used worldwide.

Gaia has long known and understood that these technologies are out there and has chaffed at humanity’s seeming refusal to adopt these technologies and move toward the natural order of abundance and oneness. With the ruling elite in power, this was not going to happen as their power depends on the illusion of scarcity. The ruling elite are now contained and the energies they depended upon are now in the final stages of being cleared. Clearing these destructive energies has been a massive undertaking and that clearing now nears its glorious end.

With no energy to support duality and scarcity, Gaia and humanity are about to make the greatest shift in human history. Once and for all, humanity will shift into oneness and abundance and create Heaven on Earth. Gaia could not be more pleased.

Freedom for humanity…


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