October Surprise

Hurricane Sandy is now largely spent and the east coast of North America is in the recovery process. In my last blog entry called Massive Energy Clearings, I reported that a great deal of obsolete energy was being cleared in part by this hurricane but that is only part of the story. The Hurricane was also a front for the shift from duality into oneness. That is really big news and has not yet made it into humanity’s shared consciousness.

I have read and reread Sananda’s recent message dealing with the October Surprise channeled by Elizabeth Trutwin. Sananda is a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation of Light in their role of providing assistance to humanity and to Gaia as we approach Ascension. Sananda speaks truth but has a perspective focused on Ascension and the shifts into oneness and abundance sometimes get lost in this overview.

A part of my mission is to do my part in taking all of humanity into oneness, including those who choose to remain behind in the third/fourth dimension. Thus, oneness becomes all of humanity’s shared experience and becomes a bridge to be used later by those staying behind so they can rejoin those who will soon ascend into the fifth and the higher dimensions.

Hurricane Sandy played a major role in both of these timelines. The timeline of Ascension will see earth and Gaia ascend into the fifth dimension on 12-12-12 and humanity follow nine days later on 21-12-12.

Let us now concentrate on the timeline of the shift into oneness and abundance and Sandy’s role in this process. First, the ETs played a major role in Hurricane Sandy’s pathway, holding the hurricane over the east coast fortress of duality and scarcity for an extended period and causing the power outages that have been reported. Loss of life was minor but property damage was immense as was the disruption to humanity’s routines. Wall Street was shut down and the power outages affected a large swath of east coast humanity. Why?

Systems formerly controlled by the ruling elite were retooled and restarted under control of the Light. This includes banking systems, communication systems, information systems for all kinds of records; all is now in readiness for the shift, for the changeover into oneness and abundance. The power grids appear the same but they too have been upgraded and retooled so the shift to free energy will be smooth and seamless when that time comes in the near future; all under cover of this power outage blamed on Sandy.

Humanity’s focus was shifted from perpetrating the war mongering in Syria and other places to watching Sandy’s path and a focus on compassion. We shall see how it all restarts but that focus on war and the potential for a bleak future for humanity will not resume. Humanity is shifted and we have Hurricane Sandy to thank for taking the spotlight while the shift took place.

All of this is what the ETs are calling the October Surprise. While we were swept up in Hurricane Sandy’s path of drama and property destruction, humanity’s shared timeline was shifted. The era of duality and scarcity was swept away as Sandy’s fury occupied our attention. Lightworkers, with a huge assist from our ET supporters, worked under cover of this diversion and made the necessary infrastructure changes. Most are not yet operative but none the less, these changes now sit in readiness as the last few days of duality and scarcity play out before our very eyes.

Hurricane Sandy was the diversion like the staged inmates battle to cover-up the planned breakout. Humanity has now broken out of the ruling elite’s prison of illusion and a new illusion is about to be implemented. That new illusion is one of oneness and abundance and will create Heaven on Earth. Now that is an upgrade of monumental proportions.

Welcome to the October Surprise!!!

Freedom for humanity…


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