The Shift is Happening – Sananda’s November 2 Message

In my words, here is the information contained in Sananda’s November 2 message as channeled by Elizabeth Trutwin. Love that last name as in the truth will win. Lol. Those interested in reading the entire message can easily find it on the internet.

Human history from the galactic’s point of view: About 5000 years ago humanity used nuclear explosives which did great damage and nearly destroyed earth. As a result, galactic agreements were made that allowed the galactics to intervene when humanity began using atomic weapons at the end of WWII. In a strange way, the power lust of the ruling elite which led them to invest in nuclear arms also resulted in clearing the way for ever greater intervention from ETs supportive of humanity’s freedom. It has proved to be the ruling elite’s undoing. One additional tidbit…the US has had two space programs. One is clandestine which has already colonized the moon and mars and is at least a decade ahead of NASA.   

Hurricane Sandy was a front for ending duality and scarcity systems and switching over to oneness and abundance systems. Sananda reports the following shifts:

Wall Street was dismantled from the inside out and the stock market has been dissolved. A key casualty of this purge was the Maritime Law system that held every person born in more than 190 countries as a slave of the system and their Birth Certificate as a part of that country’s gross national product to be traded and exchanged. All such records have been wiped clean and the bank accounts of this system have been zeroed. You are no longer a number or a commodity to be bought and sold.  

New York City Police are largely corrupt, bought out by the ruling elite. On the morning of 9/11 NASARA officials were to make their announcement in the Twin Tower’s Lobby. They were shot dead by corrupt police officers and shortly thereafter, explosives brought down the lobby; later all was entombed by the collapse of the entire towers. The Police Department’s cooperation was vital in the 9/11 cover up. The Police Department have their fingers in all manner of corrupt activities and their entire records were wiped clean under Sandy’s cover. The records of non-violent and innocent police targets will not be available for salvage. Clean members of the department are well known to the galactics and their work will continue and be supported.

The United Nations has been a puppet of the ruling elite and by no coincidence; headquarters has been in New York City. In North America, the policy setting arm of the UN has been the Organization of American States and those representing their constituents illegally have had their computer access denied.  Similar processes have taken place globally. Soon to come will be indigenous populations represented by one of their own. The United Nations as a puppet of the ruling elite has been dissolved.

The Federal Reserve Bank has been dissolved. Records of loans and transactions have been uploaded and indictments are pending.

Control of the media is more than the news and cover stories. The ruling elite have been determining what songs are played, what movies and TV shows are produced, video games, facebook and twitter, our entire pop culture. This controlling infrastructure was disengaged and replaced with connections directly to the communication systems of ET ships. Truth in reporting is now supported. Light and abundance is now the targeted media focus.

The US Presidential election will continue; not because anything hinges on it, but because it is a bridge into the shifts already underway and a cover, like Hurricane Sandy for the beautiful and beneficial shift into oneness and abundance that has been effected and will now unfold.

Spiritually, Earth and humanity have another huge download coming on 11-11. It is being called the Peace Portal and is intended to be at the greatest magnitude possible for human and Gaia’s integration. We will be exactly forty days from 21-12-12 and Lightworkers are being asked to hold the space and anchor the energies both for humanity and for Gaia.

It is happening folks, happening in ways that we can touch, hear, see and take part in. Exciting times.

Freedom for humanity…

Editor’s Note – November 6: Sananda’s message is strangely disconnected from the process of containment which has led to some inaccuracies. I believe we are on the timeline of containment and a softer, perhaps slower, evolution of the shifts Sananda references. JR


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