We Did It!

The energies continue to pour in and my head felt very odd two nights ago. Flu like symptoms with no flu, no germs of any kind. What was happening was energetic in origin, downloading something or another in preparation for the shifts which are upon us.   

The odd feeling continued throughout yesterday. It did not interfere with my work as I wrote my blog. That was tough going and my procrastination response initially interfered but it all came together. I was not writing from inspiration as I usually do; rather I was taking information given by another (Sananda of the Galactics) and putting it into my words and the context of my blogs to date and that was hard work. At one point, the ETs signalled me that the piece I was working on was incomplete and therefore misleading for my targeted global audience. The ET’s signal is discomfort in the throat chakra and I quit writing to meditate asking the message that awaited me. Additional words of clarification came within seconds and as confirmation, the signal subsided and disappeared as I included the clarification.

The general feeling for the day was one of too little sleep (not at all the case as I slept late into the morning) and a kind of frenetic energy that would not subside and resisted meditations calming influence. Appropriate in view of what I was reporting, e.g. a decisive turning point in the battle for humanity’s freedom.   

After posting the blog, a friend called and I gave him a verbal overview of the shifts that had occurred with Hurricane Sandy. He lives in the northern reaches of Sandy’s pathway and had been without power for a day or so. He also experienced the energetic clearings in a very personal way and when we compared notes we concluded he had been contaminated by ‘dark’ energies and these had been cleared in Sandy’s wake in ways similar to wiping clean a computer’s memory.

In my pre-sleep meditation I renewed my vow to serve the greater good and offered to be an instrument for the greatest good should that be applicable. I was awakened around five a.m. The sensations in my head had intensified and felt like a strap around my forehead cinched too tight. I surrendered to this energetic download and facilitated in every way I knew how, short of getting up and doing a sitting meditation. It was another energetic download which kept me awake for over an hour and in a state of semi-consciousness for an hour more. I know it is related to the shift that is upon us but more than that I do not know.

What is the shift that is upon us? Steve Beckow’s recent blog is titled We Won and that is exactly what this shift is all about. We, the Lightworkers of Earth and friends of Gaia, have triumphed over the forces of darkness. The era of duality and artificial scarcity is over and a new era of oneness and abundance is beginning. Yes, there is a lot to do and it is not yet time for a victory parade, but the decisive blow has been struck and humanity is free!!!

Yes, we had lots of help and we could not have done this without the help of Source and supportive ETs. We could not have done this without Ankara’s surrender in the 1990’s and the galactic peace treaty that followed. We could not have done this without the Ashtar Command’s moratorium on the use of explosives against civilian populations these last five or six years. We could not have done this without the age of duality ending a little over a year ago on October 28, 2011 and all the clearings of obsolete duality energy and systems that has taken place over the past year. We could not have done this without the Angelic Kingdoms process of containment that neutralized the ruling elite and prevented them from continuing to defend their obsolete systems. We could not have done this without Hurricane Sandy and the computer wizardry of the ETs to unravel the clandestine, unethical and often downright illegal duality systems in the eastern US, particularly New York and Washington. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

But do not forget that none of this could have happened without human consciousness leading the way. None of this could have happened without the consciousness of love and light growing and surpassing the consciousness of control and darkness. The ET forces came because humanity’s collective consciousness called them in and welcomed their intervention. Humanity did this despite the dark’s millennia of attempts to keep us in the dark and separate us, not only for one another, but also from our connections with Source and with the other worldly guidance systems available to all sentient beings.

We did it! We ended duality and the us vs. them thinking and we have begun oneness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Freedom for humanity…


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