The Timeline of Containment

There are two timelines that can accomplish the shift into oneness. An infinite number of timelines actually, but two that have risen to prominence and are available for use at this time. One is the timeline of arrests and the use of force and justice to effect the changes. The other is the timeline of containment and the use of natural processes overseen by human hearts imbued with love and light to effect the changes.

It is my understanding that the Angelics have been running the show since at least the June solstice and that containment is the timeline being used; however, for reasons unknown to me, some factions of our ET supporters have been slow to adopt key aspects of the containment timeline and continue to report as though the arrests timeline is still in use. Sananda’s November 2 message as channeled by Elizabeth Trutwin is at odds with the timeline of containment in at least two areas.  There is no need to dissolve the stock market or the Federal Reserve in the timeline of containment. Yes, they have been instruments of the ruling elite and have served the few at the expense of the many but through containment all that is rectified in organic ways and a natural dissolution results in due course.

Hurricane Sandy was a cover and much negative energy was cleared as a result and many information systems were taken out of the hands of those serving duality and placed in the hands of Lightworkers, be they humans or our ET supporters. All of this is consistent with the timeline of containment.

The timeline of containment happens from the inside out, not from the outside in. Those in power in key positions are placed in containment and can no longer take harmful actions. Some shift into the Light, others walk-out and are replaced by Light intended walk-ins and some sit quietly on the sidelines paralyzed by containment. Light based decisions are made and duality based decisions are prevented. The net result is things change.

The containment timeline uses existing human systems to make the shift. This minimizes disruption and avoids the learning curve of disruptive change. Step into the timeline of mass arrests for just a moment and you will see what I mean. All of these important people arrested and new people now in charge. Can we trust them? What does it all mean?

Now look around you at the timeline of containment and we are all comfortably going about our business; nothing seemingly has changed. But energetically there are huge changes. Energetically, love and light are shinning brighter day by day. Energetically, the energies of duality and scarcity dissolve and are no more.

The entire subculture of the ruling elite is contained. For weeks now they have been unable to influence human affairs whereas prior to the June solstice, they controlled every aspect of modern life. Their self interested fear based leadership has been removed from the equation. No longer can they threaten those bringing love and light to humanity. No longer can they interfere in any way whatsoever. This alone would eventually result in a shift into oneness but containment goes much further.

Our leaders in all aspects of human endeavor that are key to the shifts taking place are contained. Key bankers, including Christine Lagard, the head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), key politicians, key industrialists, even key spiritual leaders. These people are now making Light based choices and Light based changes are resulting.

In the timeline of containment, the US Presidential Election is a key event. President Obama is odds on to be re-elected and will then be free to step into his role to co-create the New Earth. In the timeline of containment, there are many highly evolved souls here in human bodies; souls who came with the mission of leading humanity into Ascension and oneness with a minimum of disruption and loss of life. Obama is one of these.  

Lightworkers the world over fit into this category and the timeline of containment is facilitating each of us making our unique contribution as humanity transcends millennia of darkness and control and shifts into oneness and Light.

Keep the faith.

Humanity has already turned the corner and the forces of Light have prevailed. Just do what is given you to do. For me, it is holding space for the shifts into oneness and for Ascension itself. The smooth and orderly timeline of containment makes it possible for all of humanity to Ascend together. There is no more us vs. them. We are all it this together; shifting into oneness and abundance as the Earth and humanity ascend into truth and into being all that we are.

Freedom for humanity…


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