I Choose Containment

On Canadian Thanksgiving about a month ago, I was asked, ‘How do you know your experience was real?’ It was not the first time I had been asked this question because I have had many otherworldly experiences but it was the first time I gave this particular answer. ‘Because I trust my experience!’

It was an inspired answer, an answer from my heart rather than from my mind or my ego and it was perfect for the situation. The asker and I then had a meaningful conversation which had previously been blocked by his beliefs. This answer cut through all that and he was able to hear about what I had experienced and the meaning I took from that experience.

This answer also affected me in unexpected ways. In the weeks since, I have found myself trusting my experience at a deeper and deeper level. There is much more to living as a human being than what comes to us in the five senses. We are not alone. We each have guides galore and they can be part of our experience. We have multiple aspects of ourselves in multiple dimensions and multiple timelines and they can be part of our experience. Space itself is informed by Source and that information is available to us always and in all places and can be part of our experience.

I trust my experience.

Here is part of my experience on this day. Some channeled material came my way about Hurricane Sandy as a way to clear negative energy and as a cover for shifting control of various computer systems into the hands of the Light. The entity being channeled is a high profile galactic being, part of the ETs supporting humanity’s ascension. He went into detail in one of these messages and some of those details have proved inaccurate or at least premature. A part of me felt misled or worse and another part of me wondered why this entity seems disengaged from the containment timeline. All the possible explanations that I can think of have a disconnect at some level.

I went to see a movie this afternoon and walked home, about a forty-five minute walk. The movie (Denzel Washington in Flight) was very good and spoke to me about truth, about living my truth. On the walk home it all came pouring out.

‘Listen up everyone! This is me on the ground and I have worked long and hard to help us get to this point. We are not going to f… it up now. We have come too far and too much is at stake. We are going the containment route in terms of clearing negative energies from this planet and preparing for ascension. Full stop and period. Either get on board or become silent. There is no more us and them. There is only us. No one will be prevented from ascending. Some may choose not but none will be prevented. What people have done is forgiven. All that matters is their willingness to serve the Light. Containment prevents people from taking harmful actions. Containment rehabilitates people. With containment all can ascend and oneness can become humanity’s shared experience. No more force, no more arrests, no more ‘justice’. You know where I can be reached if you have a problem with this…and you are aware that I am on the ground and human. If I can adopt containment from within the limitations imposed upon me, so can you with all the advantages and the overview from where you sit. Everyone on the same page, please. The time for division is over; let’s all pull together and get this done.’

The rant went on for fifteen or twenty minutes. Interesting. I trust my experience.

A few months ago I was out walking and sat sungazing overlooking a small lake. The ruling elite were still in power and I asked how humanity could oust them. ‘That is up to you’ was my experience. ‘You mean I can choose?’ ‘Yes!’ was my experience. ‘Okay; then I chose surrender and an orderly transfer of power.’

A few weeks later the ruling elite declined their last deadline to surrender. Within a week containment began. In effect the ruling elite surrendered, not by choice but through the miracle of containment and we experienced an orderly transfer of power. So orderly, most of humanity does not even know the transfer has taken place.

I trust my experience. I choose the timeline of containment.

Freedom for humanity…


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