Obama Re-elected

I AM proudly Canadian but like much of the rest of the world, I watched the US election results with keen interest. Obama has been an enigma to me for several years now. His energy is that of a Lightworker and a highly evolved soul, but instead of moving forward and initiating disclosure he has taken the slow route and played along with the powers that be. Very disappointing. On the other hand, he avoided major mistakes and kept the lid on things in critical times and without his leadership, humanity could be on a far more turbulent course into oneness and ascension.

First a couple of tidbits from the election. How do you think those closest to Romney voted? He is governor of Massachusetts and lost the state to Obama 61-38. It was not even close. How do you think those closest to Obama voted? In the District of Columbia, Obama enjoyed his largest margin of victory, 91-7. Seems the better you know these people the clearer the choice becomes.

Now a little about my experience. I followed the election on an internet site and when I first tuned in, Romney was ahead, both in electoral seats and in popular vote. ‘This can’t be happening’ was my thought and I went about my business, checking periodically as Romney stalled and Obama surged to a close but secure victory in both the electoral votes and in the popular vote. I wrote and posted my blog during this process and the combination of an inspired blog and Obama’s victory had me wired. If I was still a drinker, I would have toasted to the situation. As it was I stayed up a couple of hours past my bedtime and when I went to bed, I didn’t sleep. It was not an energetic download in the usual sense, more like an internal outpouring of joy and ‘we did it!’ I couldn’t sleep and it did not matter one little bit. Lol

Let’s put all of this in the context of containment. Obama is one of the few world leaders who is unaffected by containment. He is in the Light and targets the greater good in all he does. Can you name another elected politician that fits this bill? A great many sources connected to containment laud Obama as a great soul doing the very difficult job of leading humanity, not just the US, into oneness and ascension. He has regularly attended off world meetings with our ET supporters and has borne the brunt of the ruling elite’s attempts to maintain the status quo. With containment of the ruling elite and a mandate in his pocket we can expect to see the real Barack Obama step forward. That is very good news for the shift into oneness and abundance.

In the timeline of containment, existing world leaders remain our leaders as the shift takes place. Behind the scenes everything shifts as the power base of the ruling elite collapses along with their targeted timelines, but on stage and on camera, those duly elected will continue their terms of office and continue to represent the constituencies that elected them. Yes, many will be in containment and will thus be making choices and taking actions far different from their intentions upon taking office. That is the beauty of containment. Humanity shifts in an orderly fashion with the leaders we elected. They are not the same as when they were elected, and act quite differently due to containment, but the same faces are there and continuity is in place.

Using the elected leaders will not be a hindrance to the shift that is underway, it is a blessing. All the questions that arise in revolutionary change do not arise. Instead humanity has the leaders we elected leading us into a bright and beautiful future. We have the leaders we elected acting like statesmen instead of pawns of unseen forces. How good is that?

I fully support the containment timeline and its use of elected leaders to effect the shift into oneness and abundance. In the big picture it does not matter who does it, as long as it gets done. Once done, there will be no turning back. Once done humanity can begin their Golden Age.

With Obama re-elected, humanity has at least one Light based champion duly elected around which to rally. Awesome, beyond description.

Freedom for humanity…


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