No More Us versus Them; Humanity is One

On Tuesday after dark, during the early US election returns, I was walking home and felt the need to vent. This is an accurate summary of what I vented, walking along yelling at the sky. It was written after I got home. The venting went on for about fifteen minutes in several cycles, each containing most if not all of this content, but different as though the audience was different. Here is a summary of the venting, what I call my rant:

‘Listen up everyone! This is me on the ground and I have worked long and hard to help us get to this point. We are not going to f… it up now. We have come too far and too much is at stake. We are going the containment route in terms of clearing negative energies from this planet and preparing for ascension. Full stop and period.

Either get on board or become silent. There is no more us and them. There is only us. No one will be prevented from ascending. Some may choose not but none will be prevented. What people have done is forgiven. All that matters is their willingness to serve the Light.

Containment prevents people from taking harmful actions. Containment rehabilitates people. With containment all can ascend and oneness can become humanity’s shared experience. No more force, no more arrests, no more ‘justice’. You know where I can be reached if you have a problem with this…and you are aware that I am on the ground and human. If I can adopt containment from within the limitations imposed upon me, so can you with all the advantages and the overview from where you sit. Everyone on the same page, please. The time for division is over; let’s all pull together and get this done.’

Clearly, I was primarily addressing humanity’s ET friends, both those in the star ships and those in the ethers but I also address humanity and anyone who chooses to read my blog. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the progress we have made toward ushering in a bright and beautiful timeline for all of humanity and from my perspective; there is now only one threat to the successful blooming of this timeline as humanity’s shared experience.

That threat is to have our promising raw beginnings co-opted by the lower emotions such as self interest or revenge. This threat is no  longer in the hands of any human or any group of humans as the ruling elite are now fully contained and each member is now either shifted into the Light or sitting powerlessly, make that helplessly, on the sidelines; able to observed but unable to influence the transition. Their minions, and that includes many elected officials are also either in containment or will be placed in containment at the appropriate time. In short, no human has the power to disrupt or otherwise negatively interfere with the shift into oneness and abundance or the preparations for ascension.

Who then does have the power to co-opt this process and attach it to negative emotions? The ETs have that power. The ETs are a diverse group of beings; some from this galaxy, some from galaxies beyond and some directly from the central sun where Source itself resides. Some are used to liberation activities because wars and exploited populations are not unique to Earth. Practices used in other liberation activities is the threat I am addressing in my rant. These practices are not poorly intended, quite the contrary these practices are based on the ET’s experience when liberating other exploited populations and they are based on what these ETs believe is best for humanity.

What is best for humanity? That is the essential question. What I am ‘getting’ is that humanity is designed to be part of the Angelic Kingdom and that is the reason the Angelics have been given the lead in this transition process. The Angelics have a miracle up their sleeves that has rarely if ever been used before and that miracle is containment. Containment prevents harmful actions from being taken while at the same time allowing greater good actions. In addition, containment rehabilitates the person by enclosing them in love and Light.

Many of the ETs have no experience with containment and some have been slow to get on board. These ETs want action in the form of arrests, trials and ‘justice’.

My rant is directed at these ETs. Watch and learn I am saying to them. Humanity is in the midst of the greatest transformation in the history of this galaxy and perhaps the universe. Support the Angelics; support containment; support all of humanity including those placed in containment. We are all in this together now. There is no more us and them. There is only us.

Support us as one, not as a population with a few bad apples that need to be removed from the barrel. Those ‘bad apples’ are contained and are now part of ‘us’. WE ARE ONE.

Freedom for humanity…


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