Ascend First Shift Later

In this morning’s meditation it came to me that we may well get all the way to the solstice and to the ascension moment without the shift into oneness and abundance taking place. I walked within the containment timeline to the ascension moment with the external world very much in today’s state of waiting and found no impediment. The ‘ascend first, shift later’ version of the containment timeline exists and is viable.

In this version, Obama continues life as normal, our ET friends continue their off world support but there is no blatant disclosure, banking and industry continue their parasitic ways with some softening but no major collapse, containment continues and Light based adjustments happen but the press and the masses remain unawakened. Boom, the ascension moment happens and we move en masse into the higher dimension. All of humanity ascends together. None are prevented. Some and that includes those indulging in exploitive or parasitic behaviours choose not to ascend at this time and that choice sees them leave the ascended earth but for all practical purposes, humanity and earth are ascended, the veils fall away and Truth is available to each of us.
I do not know if this is the path we will take but it is available. Try it yourself and you will see what I mean. In this path, the final clearings and the shift into oneness and abundance takes place after ascension, rather than before.

Living in time, my tendency has been to see my mission in a linear way, with a beginning and a successful conclusion. As I step out of time and into the eternal moment of now, living my mission is more fluid and dynamic, taking place in the now moment. My mission is related to being a path finder and a way shower for humanity’s ascension and to do what I can in each moment of now. Many of these moments appear uneventful and I am there holding space and anchoring the new energies. Some of these now moments have actions I am to take and by being present, I am available to take the required action. Soul level impatience is a way of focusing me on the action to be taken. It comes not from a need to heal but from a desire to live my mission. The message is ‘it is time for you stand and be counted and to take some action in order to live your mission.’

Reporting on the containment timeline where ascension precedes the shift is one of those occasions. I can see advantages in this timeline, especially for the masses. I know the difficulties I had with accepting the concept of an unelected and covert ruling elite and the global conspiracies in which this reality resides. A very real decision point was reached within me where I had to choose which fork in the road I would take. My choice was to accept the grim and ugly truth in order to shift it, in order to play my role in making the change.

The required change is done. The ruling elite are contained and are no longer in power. Power has been transferred in an orderly fashion into the hands of the Light. All that remains now is to manifest this change into our shared reality. The time before the ascension event is short, less than two months. In many ways, it makes sense to delay the shift’s manifestation until after the ascension event.

Let’s walk a little in the ‘shift now’ timeline. Obama or some other leader invites disclosure and it happens in the near future. Truth begins to pour into our shared reality and we individually and collectively realize we have been duped. The inevitable backlash occurs and there is a great deal of debate and third dimensional resistance. ‘What the f…’ kinds of reactions are commonplace. Revenge seekers come out of the woodwork and anger permeates our shared human experience. I know from my own experience. That is how I felt and it took some time for me to come to grips with this reality, with this paradigm shift.

Forcing that magnitude of change into the short time we have before the ascension event may not be the best course of action. Why not proceed as we have been since the June solstice? Why not make the shift energetically and in every sense that matters but leave the manifestation until after humanity has ascended into the higher dimensions. The veil will be lifted so the illusion will be recognized, and each of us will have experienced a mind-blowing expansion of their reality. Each of us will be much better equipped to process and internalize the shift into oneness and abundance with the gift of ascension already our shared reality. These are significant advantages.

It is possible that humanity will ascend first and shift into oneness and abundance later.

Freedom for humanity…


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