Lessons of Grace

A friend sent me some allegations about the British Royals and human sacrifices. It brought up a lot of stuff for me and the linkages fell into place this morning, two days later. It is complex but is asking to be shared so here goes:

The knowing that I was to leave Lynn, my second wife, came to me during the Christmas holidays of 06-07 when I was visiting my kids as I did every Christmas. Lynn who is not the mother of my children decided a few years earlier to visit her family for Christmas instead of accompanying me so we were not together when this knowing came to me. I procrastinated about telling Lynn as I knew she would not like this at all. Early in February we were again apart for a weekend. I went on a meditation weekend and she went to visit her brother-in law, sister and mother who lived an hour or so away in a neighboring town.

When we were back together again on Sunday evening, Lynn shared an experience she had during the weekend. She got up in the night to go to the toilet and as she sat there, she became paralyzed and a bright light appeared before her third eye. As she sat in terror, something broke free and she was able to resume normal movement but the light remained. She returned to bed and went back to sleep and the light was still there when she got up the next morning. ‘Was that a spiritual experience?’ I inquired but to Lynn it was nothing except terrifying. The next morning I woke with the knowing that if we continued to stay together, Lynn would be taken from me by death. She was fully recovered from her heart attack three years earlier but this was a message from Divinity that staying together was not part of the path I was to walk.

Within hours, I told Lynn that I would be leaving her and my guidance was to leave at the end of April some fifteen months from then. I left it to Lynn to decide my fate for those fifteen months saying I was fine with staying together if that was Lynn’s choice. It was and so we lived together for fifteen months knowing I was leaving. Our spiritual contract was still very much alive and those were in many ways the best fifteen months of our eighteen year marriage.

Two or three weeks later we had a week long Caribbean cruise booked and we went ahead as planned. It was our first cruise. One stop early in the cruise had a Mayan site visit option that called to me. Lynn did not want to go so I went alone. It was a two hour bus ride to the site named Kohunlich. It is from an earlier Mayan era so it does not have the grandeur of the later more famous sites but it called to me. I took the tourist’s guided tour with premonitions that there was a special reason for me to be there. When we got to the ball field where the Mayans held competitions I experienced God’s Grace. It all took place within the flow of the tour and no one but me knew what had happened in my experience. For a short timeless period I was held in God’s Grace; something I will never forget. In 3D time it was perhaps a minute, two at the most, but it was also an eternity. This is what I wrote a day later, As we stood on the ball court, I was filled with Grace and the emotions washed through me. Part was a sweet sadness. Part was a welcoming home and all was overlaid by a sense of Divinity all around me and through me, touching my very core and the essence of my being.

I returned to the ball court after the guided tour and made a silent invocation that I might comprehend those Grace filled moments that had blessed me and that I might bring their underlying lessons into my conscious understanding. That process took several weeks to complete but began on the bus trip back to port.

I was a Mayan athlete in a previous life and I scored a goal on the court I had visited. I became a national hero in so doing and was later sacrificed to the gods. This was all well known to me before scoring the goal but I embraced the Mayan belief system that I could bypass the underworld and go straight to heaven by virtue of becoming a human sacrifice. In my present life, I was heavily involved in competitive pursuits and the futility and essential meaninglessness of competition was part of the lessons. Only service to others and to earth had true meaning.

Some people saw nobility in my choice to sacrifice myself for the common good, however; it was not like that in the living. Shortly after becoming a national hero I saw through the illusion. Again from my journal written a couple of weeks later, I saw the politics and the emptiness of laying down my life for a belief system that could not be supported, that assumed a vengeful and bloodthirsty god. I knew then as I know now that such a god was a mockery of the true God and was nothing more than a manmade illusion constructed one part of fear and one part in support of the status quo. Had I the power, I would have ended the illusion and lived on. I did not have that power and chose to play the role I was trapped within.

Okay, back to the present.

11-11 hit me hard and the energies continue. 11-11 is forty days from 21-12 and this feels significant in a Biblical sense. I am releasing the illusion of control over whatever may come next and recommitting myself to doing what is mine to do and what is given me to do. Nothing new in this as it is how I have lived for many years, just a deeper level as the lessons of Grace continue.

Freedom for humanity…


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