Dazed and Confused

The energies of 11-11 and the solar eclipse of 11-13 have hit me hard and continue as of this writing. I have experienced most of my symptoms in my third eye chakra, both front and back with occasional sensations in other parts of my body, particularly the solar plexus and heart chakras. The primary emotional and mental response has been one of being dazed and confused. Not a pleasant sensation. I have also slept copious amounts, sleeping late in the mornings and taking frequent naps throughout the day. Several times, I have sat down to meditate and drifted off into unconsciousness in the process.

What is happening? At the personal level, I really do not know and may never know. Confusion is a sign that things are shifting internally and what I am getting is I am to be open to a much greater scope of change than what I have been imagining. I am also getting that surrendering any preconceived ideas about the coming shift is important. There is also a sense that although the ousting of the ruling elite has taken place through the miracle of containment, something remains to be done and I am to be involved in that something. My sense is that this remaining work is not in the physical world but in the unseen world, a world that calls to me more and more as the third dimension becomes less and less my daily reality.

Meanwhile most of humanity slumbers on and the world’s systems continue as if the ruling elite remained in power. Energetically, the shifts are a done deal and the power behind the scenes is bright and beautiful and filled with Love and Light. However, in my dazed and confused state, I find myself checking out the ‘real’ world and I find few linkages to anything other than what the ruling elite has put in place.  

As an adolescent, I enjoyed Ian Flemings’ James Bond novels and read them all before finishing university in 1971. In my formative years, I identified with the solitary and tough minded Bond. I was also a big fan of Sean Connery’s portrayal of Bond in the early James Bond movies when they still carried the titles of Fleming’s books and were loosely based on Fleming’s plot lines. Those days are long gone but I decided to see the latest Bond movie called Skyfall.  

Spiritually, Bond is no role model and many of the later movies have gone unseen. I was not drawn to see this movie but in my dazed state thought, ‘What the heck. Let’s see if it has any redeeming features.’

The major theme is the good guys work for the good system which is the British Secret Service; this is in sharp contrast to my current worldview that nearly all existing systems are corrupted and the good guys are system busters. Back to the movie; the British Secret Service is under attack from a variety of sources, including the naive British public and British politicians who want accountability and transparency; anathema to a secret service. The bad guys are random self interested terrorist organizations and the villain of the piece is a free lancing terrorist with an axe to grind based on his former employment as a British secret agent.

The major premise is no one is safe from terrorist threats and a secret service is the only way to combat them. The lack of any compelling story line is covered up with the usual special effects and lots of hand to hand combat along with Bond’s famous womanizing. No redeeming features what so ever. If the ruling elite wanted an advertisement for the world they have created, here it is. Fear trumps love; ruthless patriots trump ruthless terrorists; and secrecy trumps all.

I have seen a surprising number of recent movies with plots and subplots sympathetic to the shifts taking place and was hoping some of this leaked into the James Bond stereotype. Not yet.

As we push to the finish line of the collapse of duality systems and to the starting gates for oneness and abundance the largest current shifts seem to be taking place within me. A great place to start come to think of it and if dazed and confused is the route to this shift, I am all for it.

Freedom for humanity…


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