Obama Accepts Keshe Technology

Duality is ending and oneness is beginning. One or the other is the primary operating system of any organism be it a single celled ameba or the collective known as humanity. The choice of operating from duality has been imposed on humanity for millennia but that is shifting and that shift will soon be manifest in our shared reality. We will soon be operating from oneness!

There are many threads in this shift which are being weaved into a rope what will pull the human collective into oneness. That is how the shift is taking place. I have written about some of these threads as that is part of my contribution to the shift. Containment is a thread, disclosure is a thread, ousting the ruling elite is a thread, raising consciousness is a thread; and there are thousands of others.

The Keshe thread seems to be taking root. He is the Iranian physicist operating out of Belgium who has patented a number of abundance technologies such as free energy and anti-gravity travel.

The ruling elite have been very threatened by these technologies. Scarcity is the foundation of duality. You can’t have us and them unless there is something to fight over, unless something of value is at stake. In abundance everyone has access to whatever they want so ‘us and them’ ceases to exist. ‘You want what I have? Here, take it. I will make more. In fact, I will teach you how to make it for youself!’  As you can see, abundance ends duality.

While the ruling elite were in power, they repressed all abundance technologies using the patent system as their primary weapon. It was very effective and inventors were regularly ‘bought out’ with their abundance ideas patented and repressed. Those who resisted were threatened and those who continued to resist met with ‘accidents’. Abundance technologies were not for public consumption…In this way, the abundance of the universe which is inherit in all of space was kept from humanity and scarcity technologies thrived. Things like fossil fuels for energy, mining, lumbering, banking, travel, even food production and processing were all based on scarcity and the repression of abundance technologies.

Keshe knew all this and decided to prevent the ruling elite from repressing his technology. He had the resources and patented all his ground breaking technologies to prevent them from falling into the hands of the ruling elite. He has published the patents on the net so they are freely available to anyone and has offered them free of charge and free of restrictions to all of the world’s governments. This offer was rejected and painted as a threat to national security by some of the world’s countries, especially the US. These and other blocking efforts have prevented the spread of Keshe’s technologies for a couple of years or more.

Iran accepted Keshe’s offer a few months ago but the rest of the world continued to stonewall. Yesterday, I received news that the US has accepted the technology through their Brussels Embassy. The directive to do so came from Obama and although the world press seems to be zippered tight still, Keshe’s foundation is blaring the good news and thanking Obama. Keshe also has a website listing the countries that have accepted the technology. One of my friends is watching this site. Yesterday there were nine; today there are sixteen countries that have accepted Keshe’s offer. 
This may prove to be a minor thread in the process of shifting from duality and warmongering into oneness/abundance and peace or it may be a really big deal. It really does not matter because either way, humanity travels the path of the shift.

Obviously, the ETs already have these technologies else they would not be in our skies. Keshe is on record as ‘not believing in ETs’. How this all plays out will be interesting but also does not matter in the big scheme of things.

What does matter a great deal is that Obama felt free to direct the US’s acceptance of these technologies as this means the ruling elite threats and powers are no longer strong enough to prevent him from so doing. It is also a clear indication that he is stepping into a leadership role in terms of the coming shift.

We are shifting into abundance and oneness. Enjoy the ride.

Freedom for humanity…


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