Shifting the Energy between Israel and Palestine

We are in an amazing time of transformation and life is shifting in ways we cannot imagine. An example for me occurred this morning. I was called to get up an hour or two early and checked out my email, my main connection with the three D world. There was something from Linda Dillon who channels Archangel Michael and others for An Hour with an Angel radio broadcast. She had been wakened in the wee hours and asked to attend a UN Security Council Meeting dealing with the Israel – Palestine situation.

I have not met Linda or communicated with her in any three D way but her call to Lightworkers to send love and peace to this situation spoke to me. In general, I have left this kind of work to others so I have little personal experience in terms of what to do and what might be expected.

As I went into meditation intending to make my contribution to bringing peace to this situation, my heart chakra was activated (this does not happen in my ‘normal’ meditations) and remained expansive and beaming throughout the meditation. A connection formed with Linda in the etheric. I have done this with others and used the same technique of touching palms to be at one with their energy and to become teammates. I then settled my awareness over the region of conflict and informed everyone that warring means are no longer acceptable no matter the provocation. After this message seemed understood, I began to dissolve the weapons by laying them on the earth and seeing them dissolve and evaporate. I have done this before with various weapons and used the same etheric process. I did one of each in a kind of symbolic way, a military issue gun, a tank, a fighter airplane, an antiaircraft gun and other images that came to mind. The people involved were unaffected, simply set down on the earth to watch as their weapons dissolved and disappeared. I then gave thanks and sent healing and loving energies to the region, now at peace and without weapons.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

We have come this far and are so close to Ascension and to a new era of oneness. I am confident this situation will not derail us; that will not be allowed to happen. The resources aligned in support of the Light simply will not allow it and humanity now has a clear and growing advantage in terms of choosing loving and peaceful timelines instead of the fear based and warmongering timelines that used to be foisted upon us. That was what I did. I took a timeline of peace and love and placed it over the area of conflict, including those in the war rooms wherever they may be. That does two things. It lightens the hearts of those directly involved and helps them make choices that will end the conflict. It also gives permission to the angels and the ETs who are supporting humanity in this transition to do what needs doing.   

If you feel so inclined, you too can make your peaceful contribution to this situation. That is part of being human, that is part of the skill set and the resource base of every person on this planet. We are not at the mercy of a few who see force and violence as the solution to this or any other problem. We always had this power and now we are organized and informed. People who continue to seek solutions through war and violence can no longer set our agenda or choose our collective timeline. We, the people, now have the clear majority and can impose our will on the collective.

Let’s join together in shifting the energy between Israel and Palestine to one of peaceful solutions. If you feel so inclined, please do your part. A simple meditation alone or with others is all you need do. The rest will happen by the miracle of love and peace.

Freedom for humanity…


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