I went to see Lincoln, the new movie directed by Steven Spielberg. The Civil War in the United States was caused by slavery with the slave holders in the southeastern States setting up their own country where slavery would be constitutionally enshrined. Lincoln chose to fight against separation in part to keep the country together but the elephant in the room was slavery. After two years of fighting, Lincoln brought forth the Emancipation Proclamation which made free men and women of the slaves in lands taken by the Union army.

The Emancipation Proclamation was on shaky legal ground and Lincoln drafted the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to enshrine the abolition of slavery in all of the USA. It went before the House of Representatives two years after the Emancipation Proclamation and four years into the long and bloody civil war needing a two thirds majority in order to become constitutional law. As history shows, it narrowly passed and slavery was legally ended in the US and was soon outlawed throughout the Americas and around the world. A major victory for the Light.

Nikola Tesla was born five years before the Civil War began with the purpose of bringing abundance technologies to humanity, things like free energy, energy healing and pollution clearing devices. Had his inventions been used for humanity’s betterment, humanity would have moved a century ago into a galactic society marching smoothly toward ascension with abundance as a key plank in this process.  About a century ago, that smooth transition was high jacked by the ruling elite who ‘befriended’ Tesla, suppressed his abundance technologies and marginalized him and this work. Instead of free energy and abundance technologies this group of well known high profile exploiters led by J.P. Morgan substituted fossil fuels for free energy and created economic slavery based on artificial scarcity. Free energy still has not escaped the bondage of self interested exploitation, the modern version of slavery.

A question I like to ask people is ‘What would you do if you did not have to work for a living?’ What is your answer to this question?

With free energy and abundance technologies that is reality. No one has to work for a living in Light based societies. To an exploiter such a reality is anathema. Step into this timeline and you can see that economic slavery cannot exist in such a reality. People simply are not willing to do another’s bidding when all their survival needs are met and all they desire is easily available, easily manifest. That is the true ending of slavery on this planet and such a reality is part and parcel of the coming ascension. Exploitation and economic slavery is about to end for all people; not just those living but also those yet unborn. Abundance and oneness ends exploitation and economic slavery for all time and it is coming soon to the planet on which you live.

That to me is the true meaning of ascension. Humanity will be taking back their power and moving into oneness and abundance. The artificially created scarcity and all the systems that have been implemented to perpetrate scarcity will melt away and it will be impossible to resuscitate them. Who would ever agree to give up abundance once it becomes our shared reality and who would engage in economic slavery once abundance is their reality?

Slavery is a gross form of the removal of sovereignty and scarcity is a prerequisite for slavery to exist. Lincoln had the vision of a free society a century and a half ago. Humanity is about to step into true freedom as the shift into oneness and abundance takes place over the next few months. Economic slavery will then be ended as it will be unsustainable.

I thank Lincoln for his vision so long ago. I thank humanity and humanity’s supporters for manifesting that vision into our soon to be reality.

Freedom for humanity…


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