One Month before Ascension

Today is November 21st which is exactly one month before the ascension event on December 21st, the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere. Energetically, the situation is well in hand and all energetic components of ascension are proceeding smoothly. The Earth will become a home for fifth dimensional life in about twenty days on 12-12-12 and nine days later humanity will make the necessary shifts in order to live in our new fifth dimensional home.

A person named Suzanne posted something that resonated deeply with me as her view of what may happen on December 21st and here is the expert:

Those who wish to remain in 3D will be removed from the earth plane.

Those who’ve been successful at raising their frequency to that of love will jump right up to fifth and higher, probably by increments in order to adjust.

The remainder of humanity (possibly the majority) will ascend to whatever level of 4D their consciousness allows for.

Those in 5D can choose to remain in both dimensions along with the Earth in order to assist those who weren’t quite ready.

We have choice. Whatever our choices are, our loved ones will be well cared for. No one will be abandoned and alone.

In this timeline earth is shifted from a world supporting a human population in three and four D to a world supporting a human population in four and five D.

Ascension is all about energy and energetically, everything is either in place or on schedule for humanity’s ascension. The ruling elite are ousted and either on board or sitting on the sidelines unable to influence events. Energetically, Lightworkers now control humanity’s timeline choices and easily trump attempts to derail the ascension process. Our Angelic and ET supporters are preventing attempts to bring mayhem into the equation and derail the ascension process. Energetically, humanity is in good shape and ascension will take place as scheduled.

Physically, humanity continues to operate at the level of duality in the third dimension. Physically we continue on the path created by the ruling elite of exploitation, fear and scarcity. The media continues to function as paid operatives of the ruling elite, disclosure remains clandestine, warmongering continues especially in the Middle East, and the ruling elite’s scarcity systems of banking, debt, Big Oil, corrupt politicians, military spending and economic slavery continue seemingly unabated.  

In short, we continue on the timeline of ascend first and shift later. A month is a long time and there continue to be rumours of Obama leading the shift into oneness and abundance in the weeks before ascension. I am tuned into energy and Obama certainly has the necessary energy imprint. The only question is one of timing. Will the shift happen before the ascension event or after? Each scenario has advantages and disadvantages and either is possible.

We shall see how that plays out. A month is both a long time and a short time and a month is all that remains before the greatest event in humanity’s history takes place.

At this point, I am both an interested spectator and a fully empowered human being. Either way is fine by me and I will do my part in making the transition as smooth and as inclusive as possible. I know every human being has a spark of divinity in them and that spark carries with it the potential to be loving and compassionate. In some, that spark is covered over or even buried beneath a pile of rubble collected over years or even lifetimes lived in fear and scarcity but that spark is there and it entitles each of us to ascend.

The past is forgiven. All that matters is the present. Anyone with the genuine desire to move forward into abundance and oneness is welcome in my ascended world. Yes, much remains to be done and the Earth school will continue. Exploitation and control will no longer be rewarded nor will parasitic lifestyles but no one will be prevented from ascending because of what they have done. If their innermost desire is to continue these activities, that may preclude their ascension but what they have done is forgiven.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to One Month before Ascension

  1. John – Very pleased that your blog continues to progress from strength to even greater strength.

    I visit from time to time remembering our past liaison, and I am very pleased you made the correct decisions, and now see the rewards of your efforts.

    At this very auspicious period I wish you well.

    Many Blessings/Tony.

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