Targeting Forgiveness

Where do you think the concept of justice comes from? I believe it comes from the dark and is part of the illusion, part of scarcity and exploitation. Within oneness, justice has no meaning. Within abundance and freedom, justice is seen for what it is…a hook into the dark’s illusion, a hook into scarcity and exploitation.

Early in this year, my good friend Stephen and his wife Laura were traveling in South America, in a sacred valley in the Andes when tragedy struck. They were accosted by bandits and Stephen was sent to get ransom money. Laura was violated and beaten and escaped by jumping off a cliff, sustaining a broken pelvis and other injuries in the fall. Stephen initially cooperated in the manhunt and called me from within the nightmare.

‘Something terrible has happened’ he began and the story poured out along with Stephen’s anger and guilt about being helpless to prevent this tragedy. Here they are, powerful spiritual beings working to bring Light to the world and this tragedy befalls them. ‘What should I do?’ he asked repeatedly. I listened for several minutes and then a state of Grace came over us. ‘Can you feel that?’ I asked and of course Stephen could. ‘Tell me Stephen from within the energy of this Grace; what should you do?’

Stephen was quiet for several seconds and I waited in my own state of Grace. ‘I am to walk away’ said Stephen in a small childlike voice. That was exactly what I had been getting but Stephen could not have heard it from me, it had to come from within. Over the next several weeks we were in touch often as Stephen walked the path of forgiveness. Laura joined him from her hospital bed in a full body cast and her healing went smoothly and well ahead of schedule. The bandits were never apprehended and were never brought to justice. Stephen and Laura simply would not cooperate with that agenda.

Their agenda was healing and forgiveness. It did not matter within that agenda what had been done to them and it mattered even less who had done it. What mattered was healing and healing begins with forgiveness. As long as we seek justice and target revenge in any of its many forms, we are locked into a box, the box of victimhood. What Laura and Stephen soon discovered was that targeting forgiveness promoted healing and healing called forth forgiveness. They had escaped the closed loop of justice and victimhood. They had taken back their power and returned to being powerful spiritual beings working to bring Light into our world.

Stephen and Laura were a microcosm of healing and forgiveness. We are now on the cusp of a macrocosm where all of humanity understands they have been victimized and abused; and my target is to closely follow the example of Stephen and Laura. A natural by-product of humanity’s shift into oneness and abundance will be truth and truth will be very ugly, like the violation and beating of Laura. If we react to truth by seeking justice and apprehending the ‘bandits’, we drop back into the illusion and take a detour into darkness. If we respond to truth by targeting healing and forgive the ‘bandits’, humanity will quickly shift into oneness, heal our many wounds and bring Light into our shared reality.

Do you think the bandits had the power to continue to terrorize Stephen and Laura? No they did not and so what was the value of justice? Do you think the ruling elite have the power to continue to terrorized humanity? No they do not. So what is the value of justice, of trials and judgements and punishment? None of that has any value. All of that is nothing more than an extension of the dark’s illusion with new masters replacing the old.

My target is healing and forgiveness. Forgiveness is not weak. Forgiveness does not invite a continuation of abuse. That needs to be clear. The ruling elite are ousted and are not invited to continue in positions of power or influence. That era is over. Part of that era is the concept of justice and that too is over. The new era is an era of forgiveness because we know as individuals and as a collective that forgiveness is a powerful tool for the forgiver and begins the process of taking back the forgiver’s power and becoming whole once again. A collective made up of whole people targeting healing and bringing Light to our shared reality is a powerful force and an unending source of oneness and abundance.

That is what I target.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Targeting Forgiveness

  1. J says:

    Dear Sir,
    Having read some of your articles I believe you and many like you around the world are the very reason why I choose to believe in Humanity. I am sure you have had your fair share of ridicule but have found a way to deal with it on a level that you can be proud of. The promotion of forgiveness is a wonderous ideal. May you and yours be at peace.

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