What Would You do if You Didn’t Have to Work For a Living?

What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living? This is a question I ask of people who express interest in what I do and what I am all about. Their answers are always illuminating and it opens them to hearing more about what I believe is coming in the very near future.

Essentially, humanity is moving into a golden era of abundance and oneness with the gates already open and major shifts in the offing. A key date is the solstice coming up on December 21st but the flood gates are already open although only just a crack at present. Thousands have already moved into the higher dimensions and continue living in today’s world, a mixture of the dense third dimension and the Lighter higher dimensions. We have yet to see the systems shift; and to people not attuned to energy, the world appears not to have changed at all with duality and scarcity continuing seemingly unabated. Those attuned to energy understand that much has already shifted and having those shifts reflected in our day to day reality is only a matter of time.

Abundance is the natural state of the universe in which we live and humanity is soon to return to that state of abundance. Within the state of abundance all the material things we require to keep body and soul together, things like food, water, clothing, shelter, and energy are readily available to each and every one of us completely free of charge and completely bio-friendly. That is the natural state of the universe and all of space is encoded with these things. Even the dense third dimension can access these commodities through technologies readily available to humanity had not a small group of self interested people prevented their ‘discovery’ and dissemination. Accessing abundance is even simpler in the fifth and higher dimensions into which humanity is moving as abundance is a natural capability within each of us and technologies are no longer required.

I was blessed this morning to have a conversation with a twenty one year old young man. ‘What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living?’ I asked in the early stages of our conversation. He thought about this for a few seconds and responded; ‘Travel and service.’ Wow…what grasp, what insight, and this from someone who most would call unawakened. I would add that this is not unusual in the youth of today, as many are highly evolved and feel not at all at home in the world of artificial scarcity created by the now ousted ruling elite. I explained abundance and added that travel would also become ‘abundant’ with travel anywhere nearly instantaneous and without harmful side effects like jetlag and hassles from fear based security systems.

Such changes make money irrelevant and end exploitation in all its many forms. Economic slavery becomes a thing of the past and doing anything other than what you want to do is unsupportable. What do you want to do? Why are you here? What is your soul’s agenda? These become the key questions in the era of abundance. Education systems change as there is no longer an impetus to develop skills in order to survive in scarcity. Scarcity is replaced by abundance and skills of abundance become the target for both educators and those to be educated.

What are skills of abundance? Start with the title question. What would YOU do if you did not have to work for a living? Yes; I mean you the reader. Your answer to this question begins the shift into abundance and when that is the question being answered by millions, perhaps billions around the world humanity will shift at a pace unimagined in today’s world. Add in travel not only worldwide but within the galaxy and the entire universe and our horizons expand in ways we cannot currently imagine. Add truth in all matter and disclosure as our everyday experience. Add world governance targeting humanity’s betterment and peaceful solutions of all disputes.

Are you starting to get a feel for the shift soon to come? Are you starting to get an abundance feeling deep in your gut? I am…and I am so excited.

Why not start now? Nothing is preventing you. Start with your answer to the title question. What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living?

Freedom for humanity…


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