Joy Ride to Ascension

The hard part is done and for Lightworkers, the rest of this trip is a joyride, a fun ride where everyone is like a five year old at the country fair or the circus. None of us know what to expect or what is around the next corner but each of us knows that the good times are here…let the good times roll!

Yesterday was for me a time to absorb and integrate energy. What was in that energy I do not know? It could have been transformative energy for the physical changes necessary for this body born shortly after the Second World War to transform and add strands of DNA and shift into the more crystalline forms in order to be able to carry the light quotients of the fifth and higher dimensions.

Let’s do a quick review of my journey. In order to survive and ‘fly under the radar’ as I did since Kennedy was assassinated nearly fifty years ago, I chose to be a double agent. I chose to learn the ways of duality and ‘succeed’ by the definitions of duality. I choose to ‘pretend’ I was part of duality and interact with the illusion. I retained my sovereignty in this process and refused to descend entirely into fear and scarcity; but I played the game and played it fairly well. In the process I rose up the corporate ranks to the position of general manager of a thousand person corporation.

Then my cover got blown and I was presented the choice of joining in the use of dark methods or leaving. I left and slowly my focus shifted to spiritual aims and objectives. This was a lengthy process of several years and seemed quite difficult at the time. By 2004, I was ready to make spirituality my priority and two years later I surrendered to Divinity. I accepted the fact that I came with a mission and that living that mission required guidance from Divinity. There was no way I could live my mission as my small self, guided by ego. I had to let go of that perception of self and accept the guidance that came from within and originated in ‘the great mystery’. My small self, my ego, simply did not have the overview or the perspective to provide the guidance necessary to live my mission.

The guidance necessary to live my mission existed and resided deep within me. I did not have to go outside in order to access that guidance, in fact going outside was fraught with danger and invited detours. What I had to do was go within. What I had to do was quiet all the noise and cut through all the confusion and access Divinity within. By doing this, I found I was connected to Divine guidance and in fact could never separate myself from this guidance. It was part of me and I was part of it. When I surrendered, that is what I surrendered to…I surrendered to the Divinity within me.

It took nine months to complete the process of surrender; actually, it is never complete and is an ongoing process, but by the start of 2007, I had made the rough cut and nothing major remained to block my path. Fifteen months later I made major changes in my life situation in order to be fully dedicated to living my mission and walking my path. For the past four years or so, that is what I have done.  Living my mission and walking my path has become my full time occupation. My mission is to be a pathfinder and a way shower for shifting from duality into oneness and for ascension into the fifth dimension.  

In much the same way, the world has been transformed since the Second World War. The benchmarks and the key dates are different but the same process has been followed. The world has shifted from a world governed by fear and scarcity into a world that is connected to the Divinity within and is shifting into oneness and abundance. You see, abundance is the natural order of things and by stripping away the artificially imposed scarcity and the fear that holds scarcity in place humanity is calling forth the natural abundance that is inherit in all of space.

The hard part is now over and the rest of the trip is a joyride. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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