What and How

With full sovereignty the functions of ‘what’ and ‘how’ both belong to the individual. The individual gets to decide what they target to do and how they will then do it.

I worked many years in industry and full sovereignty was not part of the equation. Everyone had a boss and your boss had more sovereignty within that relationship. Some of my bosses gave me a lot of sovereignty and in those cases I made both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ choices as defined by my area of responsibility. I used a bottom up approach where I treated those who worked for me as the experts in their jobs which gave them a lot of sovereignty and I developed team methods of deciding what we targeted which further increased their sovereignty.

I never had a boss that deliberately gave me as much sovereignty as I gave to the people who worked for me as it was not the model of the day. Some would give me a lot of sovereignty through abdication but none deliberately. Most of my business success came from splitting the functions of what and how and agreeing that my boss could determine the ‘what’ but I got to determine the ‘how’. My business career ended when I ran into a boss who was not willing to abide by this agreement, a boss that not only wanted to decide what I targeted but also dictate how I achieved what was targeted. In addition, his ‘how’ was very different from my ‘how’. This was too big of an encroachment on my sovereignty and I chose to leave.

The distinctions of what and how are important in the understanding of the Angelic process of containment.  First some principles. Deciding what is targeted is critically important and all creative processes begin with this step. One of Covey’s 7 Habits is ‘to begin with the end in mind’; which is the function of deciding what is targeted. Any process that bypasses this step is doomed to failure.

How to do something is just as important and many perfectly sound choices about what to target have met with failure because those charged with the doing did not know how. Many functions in today’s world are extremely complex, so few know ‘how’ and teaching someone new is a lengthy process. Knowing how is a major component in any activity and a skill set including ‘how’ is critically important. A monkey cannot repair your car and neither can you in most cases. That requires trained mechanics and expensive diagnostic equipment; so you take your car to those with the required expertise; those who know how. The same is true in nearly every aspect of modern life.

Let’s take the function of world banking. What we are targeting has already been decided and here it is: The Light is targeting to replace the existing banking systems which serve the ruling elite and enslave the rest of humanity with Light based banking systems that serve the people and serve the objectives of oneness and abundance. Instead of funneling all the wealth into the pockets of a few the new systems will distribute the wealth fairly and equitably and fund abundance technologies.

What about the ‘how’? Few Lightworkers understand the current banking systems and using Lightworkers to make this shift would require an extensive training period or risk a kind of blind leading the blind scenario. Another option exists, the option of shifting ‘what’ is targeted in the minds and hearts of those who currently have the expertise, who currently know ‘how’. That is what containment does. Again, because this is a key point. That is what containment does. Containment shifts the minds and hearts of key individuals to target a different ‘what’, to target a ‘what’ that serves the greater good. When in containment, that which does not serve the greater good is disallowed. In addition, the person is constantly penetrated by love and light.

To simplify a complex process: People shift at the heart level when placed in containment and ‘what’ they target shifts as targeting inappropriate things is disallowed. That is the miracle of containment.

Through containment humanity has the benefit of people who know ‘how’ to do complex things along with the containment guarantee that ‘what’ they target serves the greater good. That is a true miracle; the miracle of containment.

Freedom for humanity…


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