The Ruling Elite are Ousted

Today is the last day of November and the fabled December 2012 is only hours away. What and how Ascension and the shift into oneness unfold is beyond my limited three D imagination and literally anything is possible aside from destructive timelines where control and exploitation regain the upper hand. These timelines have been collapsed and are no longer possible. SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation of Light had this to say this morning: The Galactic Federation of Light is working hard to bring conclusions to a number of projects that are in their final stages. It is touch and go whether you see them this side of Ascension, but if it has to be afterwards the way will be clear for them to go quickly ahead.  

The good times will roll, when and how are the remaining unanswered questions.

On this day, I am called to review the last year in my individual timeline and share that review in this blog. It began in early December of 2011 when I went to Melonie Old of Calgary to update my aura. She found I had completed the learning stages of my human experience and updated my aura to be appropriate for the stage of making my unique gifts available to humanity. After a month long adjustment period taking me into early January, I was ready to embark upon the journey of gifting humanity my unique gift. At first I thought my gift was related to rejuvenation but by the spring equinox in March my true gift began coming into view. By the way, rejuvenation will happen but the delivery of that gift belongs to others.

My gift is related to bringing freedom for humanity…Sound familiar? This gift is as part of a loosely knit but dedicated team across the globe, in inner earth and in our skies. I have yet to meet my teammates and perhaps never will. The coordinating function took place at a much higher level. I was just doing my part.

Around the spring equinox I began to understand that the time was ripe to oust the ruling elite and for humanity to take back their power which are necessary prerequisites for Ascension and for the shift into oneness. Various options began to make themselves known to me. First came the ‘mass arrest’ scenario and toward the end of April came the surrender option. I felt great affinity for the surrender option where the ruling elite surrenders and takes part in an orderly transfer of power. Much negative stuff is avoided and the transition is orderly rather than chaotic. I also had a great deal of personal experience with surrender and could help with this process.

I threw my shoulder into this harness and worked lovingly and selflessly toward this aim for the next two months until the June solstice, the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere. Whatever was given me to do I did, wholeheartedly and compassionately. I cleared obsolete energy through my body into Earth; I made the etheric offer of surrender to key members of the ruling elite, and most of all I held them in a compassionate and loving energy throughout. In these ways I held the space for the surrender option and for an orderly transfer of power; all the while clearing the energies of duality and eroding their power base. As I explained to them in our etheric meeting, ‘It is too bad it worked out this way and I feel your pain…but the issue is no longer in doubt and your defeat is assured. Why not go voluntarily? If that is your choice collectively or individually I volunteer my help.’ Some accepted and used me as a conduit in ways that are still a mystery to me.

The final deadline for their surrender was the June solstice and the hardliners won out so the ruling elite did not surrender and I was left thinking the arrest option could not be avoided. Then came the miracle of containment; something I knew nothing about and a surprise to everyone.

Containment is an Angelic process of great complexity which is rarely used as it violates the free will of those placed in containment. It was perfect for this situation and within a week or two; all the key members of the ruling elite were in containment. By the end of September the entire subculture of the ruling elite was in containment. When in containment people cannot take harmful actions and are restricted to actions that serve the greater good. There are also rehabilitative aspects of containment but in terms of ousting the ruling elite and an orderly transfer of power it is sufficient to focus on the fact that harmful actions are disallowed.

Thus was the ruling elite ousted. My July 5th blog was titled The Ruling Elite are Ousted!!! and it is truth. It may or may not have been premature at the time but everything I said then is today’s truth. The orderly transfer has taken what is to me a very long time and we remain in the hinterland of having the energies of oneness predominate with the physicality and systems of duality still in place.

When the dominos of duality start to fall, it will be swift and irreversible and with the December solstice now little more than three weeks away, it may be best to delay the shift until after humanity moves into the fifth and higher dimensions. Ascension is an energetic process and a process of the heart; so physical shifts into oneness systems and into abundance are not prerequisites. As SaLuSa says; it may happen that we Ascend first and shift later. That has many advantages.

Meanwhile a variety of sources are encouraging us to follow our process and continue with our internal preparations. All of humanity benefits from this work.

Freedom for humanity…


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