Ruling Elite History Lesson

I am beginning to understand heart centered living but that was only possible once my heart chakra opened and I developed a willingness to go to my heart center when faced with a choice point. Such was my experience today. I like to write my blog and posting something is always satisfying. Some days nothing is given me to write and I am not able to ‘force it’. It just does not happen.

This morning was a different experience. I meditated asking if there was something I could write which served the greater good and a childhood experience came to mind along with confirmation that writing about it would benefit the greater good. That is always how I pose the question to my guides and my higher self, ‘Does it serve the greater good for me to write today?’ So far, so good. Then I started talking myself out of writing about this experience. ‘The work is already done. Why focus on what is no more?’ These kinds of things.

Back I went to my heart center and sat there as I considered the question of the appropriateness of writing on this topic. My experience is of an expanded heart center and all systems go. Ergo, two hundred words later and I am in the flow.

What was the experience? As a five year old, I began to doubt the existence of Santa Claus even though he made regular Christmas Eve visits to our home with four small children. One person bringing presents to all the children of the world just seemed farfetched. I went to my Mum with this thought and she smiled and said, ‘Well how do the presents get here then?’ I went away considering this and it came to me that parents could easily be Santa Claus. When I took this back to my Mum she smiled and I knew I had solved this riddle.

This experience taught me that I could not trust everything I was told or was led to believe and to be open to my inner knowing. Decades later I learned about claircognizance, a method of Divine communication in which information is delivered directly into cognition with no evidence procedure. Previously I had distrusted such information because it lacked an evidence procedure. I was now fully equipped to make my own determination of ‘how the world operates’.

That sleuthing took place in the first half of 2009. I was aware of little publicized beliefs of a covert world government, what I now call the ruling elite, and set out to make my own determination. It was like my Mum’s question of ‘how do the presents get here’ only in reverse. Instead of debunking a mythical figure I was searching for evidence of the existence of a conspiracy that had long been debunked.

I began to look at world affairs from both perspectives. Did incompetence and ‘human nature’ really explain the ills of the world or was self interested and malevolent ruling elite a more likely explanation? The pieces began coming together and in much the same way as Santa Claus was replaced by real parents, the myth of incompetence and ‘human nature’ was replaced by a knowing that the ruling elite were real. About a year later in the spring of 2010 I volunteered to do whatever was given me to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite.

That work is now done and the ruling elite are no longer in power so what is the value of sharing this information? The systems created by the ruling elite continue to operate globally. These systems are at odds with the Ascension energies of abundance, oneness and truth. In other words, the present systems are at odds with the prevailing energies of humanity. Such systems cannot long survive because they are obsolete and the creative energies of humanity are creating entirely different systems; systems of oneness, peace and abundance. When the existing systems collapse truth will come tumbling out and the ruling elite will be exposed.

Sharing my experience seems appropriate within that context. I sympathize with those coming to grips with this ugly truth because I too went through that experience only a few short years ago. The good news is the ruling elite are ousted and no longer control anything. It will be a history lesson; like learning about the holocaust or slavery; unsavory aspects of history and things humanity no longer supports.

We can rejoice as we move forward along humanity’s new timeline into the golden era of ‘heaven on earth’. The beautiful truth is that our new shared timeline is one of oneness, peace and abundance and that is where I encourage us to place our attention.

Humanity can create a beautiful present and an even more beautiful future based on the new systems of oneness, peace and abundance. Our ugly history is nothing more than a shadow; a reminder of where we no longer want to go.

Freedom for humanity…


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