Clearings and Preparations

My daughter is doing some cleaning stuff in her kitchen today. The pantry has been emptied of all that we no longer eat or drink with a box of stuff for the food bank and a garbage bag filled with stuff that has expired or been partially eaten. This has not happened since I came here in 2008 and long before based on some of the expiry dates. Included in the clean up was the fridge, the spice cupboard and her odds and ends cupboard. A major clearing of old and obsolete stuff and the energies therein contained.

That same thing is happening in the lives of many people right now including several of my friends. It is also happening around the world in various places as old and obsolete energy is being cleared. It has already happened in many places as well. New York City experienced its first day without violent crime in recent memory on Monday, November 26th. Here is a city of 8 million people and no one was shot stabbed or subjected to a violent crime for one whole day. The clearings of Hurricane Sandy are working their miracles; as are the energies of love and Light that are being beamed to earth from the cosmos.

Most of my clearings took place over the period from 2004 through 2009 but the clearing energies affect me as well. Little things keep coming up to be dealt with and the energies of the cosmos interact with me in a variety of ways. Last night I experienced a pain in my heart. It was sharp in nature but not intense although it woke me and lasted for several minutes. Just another energy to be integrated. I asked and got that it was related to increasing my body’s ability to carry light. I am fine with all this and target to welcome all such inputs and integrate them with maximum effectiveness.

I have been a sports fan my entire life and continue to be interested in various sports and sporting events. Sports are reported honestly which is not true of the news where the ruling elite’s editorial policies continue in force even though the ruling elite is ousted and no longer has influence. Their minions continue in place and they continue to follow the old and now obsolete editorial policies. That will shift in the near future, but could easily stay in place until after Ascension on the solstice later this month.

A sad sporting story happened yesterday. A pro football player with one of the NFL teams shot and killed his girlfriend and then drove to practice, thanked his coaches and killed himself. The couple’s three month old child was left orphaned but otherwise unharmed. This story hit me with great sadness and I meditated to see if I could help, offering to assist in any way that was appropriate. My help was declined and as I meditated it became clear that all was happening in accordance with soul level intentions. There are no victims at the soul level and this event had the full cooperation of all souls involved. I sent love and Light and returned to that which is mine to do.

What is mine to do? The saga of ousting the ruling elite is now complete. There may or may not be clean up matters in which I will be involved and I remain available if requested; however, the heavy lifting in this matter is complete. The ruling elite are ousted and safeguards are in place to prevent any kind of reoccurrence. The ruling elite are all now in containment with the choices of rehabilitation or leaving the planet to rehabilitate in some other environment. The choice of a similar lifestyle based on exploitation and the control of others is no longer available here on Earth or anywhere in the universe. My blogs over the past couple of days closed my particular involvement in this aspect of my mission.

What now? The primary aspect of my mission is to be a way-shower and a pathfinder for the Ascension process. This is now my primary and singular focus. In many ways this involves the activity of being. Just be is advice that frequently comes my way and this advice seems especially appropriate with less than three weeks before humanity’s Ascension at the December solstice.

12-12-12 is the Earth’s ascension into a home for fifth dimensional life. This process was carried out in twelve increments and took place on the triple dates of this century beginning on 01-01-01. I became aware of this process on 07-07-07 when it made itself known to me and I have followed it closely on each triple date ever since. I am making no plans for 12-12-12, intending to be available to hold space and participate in whatever way is asked of me.

Exciting times.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Clearings and Preparations

  1. Judy Bates says:

    Appreciating all you have done…and shared, John….Judy

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