Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

For the rest of this eternity as I wander about the universe proudly wearing my Earth tee-shirt, people and other beings will ask, ‘Were you there for Ascension?’ Yes I will say and what a conversation starter that will be. You see what we are living for the rest of this month and for as long as it takes afterward is a very big deal in the cosmos. We have been told that from innumerable sources and it has been confirmed again and again.

I don’t know why this little planet in the back of the beyond and on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy with our smallish sun and our population of seven billion semiconscious people is such a big deal; I only know that it is. Something to do with the end of the era of duality a little over a year ago on October 28th, 2011. Something to do with duality’s last stand which has taken place on Earth over the past few decades. Something to do with all the forces that were marshalled here on Earth in support of duality on all the planes and levels of the third and fourth dimension.

Despite the fact that every attempt was made to make this a planet of 3D prisoners where the inmates were kept in fear and scarcity; humanity is about to burst the locks and become free citizens not only of the earth, but also of the galaxy and the universe. Despite the fact that our press has been controlled and we were all fed misinformation and disinformation to keep us in the dark and to keep us in semi-consciousness; humanity is about to take a gigantic leap in consciousness where truth will be all around us and transparency will illuminate all lies, both large and small. Despite the illusion of scarcity and the duality systems carefully sown into the fabric of our lives; humanity is about to throw off the shackles of economic slavery and working for a living to reclaim our birthright of abundance and implement oneness systems where everyone learns to focus on our soul’s purpose.

All of this is a very big deal and I am so grateful that I answered my soul’s call and did my homework in the 1990’s so I could awaken. I am so grateful that when my soul said, ‘Time to get serious’ in 2004, I listened and made spirituality my priority. I am so grateful for all the help I received along my sometimes rocky individual journey to become a spiritual being having a human experience.

A few people deserve special thanks: My ex-wife Lynn who stood by me even though these shifts tore us apart.  My meditation teachers who helped me realize Source was within and always available for guidance. My past life facilitators who gave me a window into both who I had been and who I could become. My oldest daughter who gave me a home base during these last few critical years. My spiritual friends who provided love and a sense of belonging as I travelled this sometimes lonely road. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Humanity could not have done this without help. The road was too steep and the deck was too stacked against us. Our skies are filled with helping hands. The Ashtar Command is here, all the way from the central sun, and they have prevented the use of explosives in these past several critical years. The Galactic Federation of Light is here with ships from many different Light based galactic civilizations, and they have provided innumerable services and supported humanity as the dark’s illusion has been unravelled. We also had help from closer to home. The Argarthans in inner Earth who are our sister civilization and already in the higher dimensions. They have worked bravely and tirelessly to hold the fort and prevent the earth’s prison wardens from taking complete control.

Most of all I thank the Angelic Kingdom who have been granted the lead role in the liberation of earth and humanity. It was the Angelic’s miracle process of containment that finally ended the stalemate around the time of the June solstice about six months ago.

And here we are, a week away from the Earth’s ascension on 12-12-12 when Earth officially becomes a home for fifth dimensional life. Here we are less than three weeks away from humanity’s ascension on 12-21-12, the December solstice. It is indeed a time to remember and I am eternally grateful that I am living these historic weeks with my eyes wide open and my heart beaming love and Light.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Freedom for humanity…


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