Birthing the Heaven on Earth Timeline

About fifteen or twenty years ago, I discovered an ability to remain in full and complete health all of the time. It began when I felt a cold coming on; it was in my field but not yet manifest in physicality. I had taught myself to meditate and went into meditation to see if there was anything within meditation to help me with the situation. The cold left my field entirely and never entered physicality.

In the twenty of so years since, I have lived in full and complete health and warded off countless colds, and a few flus. The process has shifted a little over time but is essentially one of alerting my immune system and surrendering the disease back to Source, reclaiming my birthright of full and complete health. Twice the process has failed me and both times the cold came with a lesson for me. I now offer to learn the lesson without the disease; so there is no longer any reason for me to be sick.

Had an amazing dream last night, a serial dream which means it lasted all night in segments all related. The dream was of having a cold, full blown having somehow bypassed my ability to avoid it. It woke me and I got up to go to the washroom noticing a sore throat as well. I did my normal process to cure it but the dream continued until morning. Other segments had other aspects of illness. One was the sweats which I also experienced in a waking state. I feel fine this morning although there are signs of healing like people experience when the illness passes and the body is in the recovery stage. This has often been my experience as the illness has been in my field.
As we enter the new era and the higher dimensions dis-ease will be a thing of the past and that thought was with me as the dream progressed. What is this all about? Surely I am beyond the stage where I will come down with a cold! 12-12-12 is only a week away! That sort of thing. I asked today while sungazing and was told. ‘You were clearing dis-ease from humanity’s new timeline.’ Cool…

Near the end of September I wrote a blog called Collapsing Timelines which talked about the work of collapsing the shared timelines humanity has been travelling that were created and manifest by the ruling elite and featured things such as scarcity and exploitation. Energetically, these timelines are no more but the gestation period between conception and birth of the new timelines remains in place. Humanity will be birthing the new timeline of oneness and abundance in the near future, but it is entirely possible, perhaps even likely, that this birth will not take place until after ascension. The birth will see the systems of duality collapse and be replaced by systems of oneness.

The broad brush of the new systems includes disclosure of our ET supporters, the end of monetary systems, the introduction of abundance technologies including free energy, the end of economic slavery as no one will have to work for a living, shifts in world governance to support individual sovereignty, and truth in all matters as transparency will become our shared reality. Any one of these shifts will create an entirely new shared experience and they will all be coming together, creating what has been called the timeline of heaven on Earth.

Welcome the higher dimensions. LOL

My work last night was related to clearing the unwanted aspect of dis-ease from this ‘heaven on Earth’ shared timeline and I am not the only person engaged in such work. A friend had a past life experience of being tricked into taking poison in ancient Egypt and spent time today clearing the energies of such deceit, both for those doing the tricking and for those being tricked. Again, these kinds of energies will not be part of the ‘heaven on Earth’ timeline that is in the process of being birthed.

Birthing a shared timeline is a major undertaking; especially so when the shift is from darkness into Light or vice versa. Shifting humanity’s shared timeline into darkness last time was very traumatic and whole continents (Lumeria and Atlantis) were lost under the sea and mountain ranges were formed. The shift back into the Light will be far less traumatic because humanity spent time clearing the old and obsolete energies of darkness and duality prior to birthing the new timeline.

I am beginning to understand the reasons for the delay between ousting the ruling elite which occurred nearly six months ago and the birthing of the timeline featuring oneness and abundance. Making it smooth and without trauma takes lots of people doing lots of homework. Glad to be doing my part.

Freedom for humanity…


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