Clearing the Energy of The Keys of Enoch

A friend was told she was to attend a meditation on the 12-21-12 to represent The Keys of Enoch based on the book by the same name written by James J. Hurtak. She asked what I knew of the Keys. I slept on this request and wrote:

In the late summer and fall of 2008 my friend Stephen and I created a center for energetic healing in Toronto and the center somehow came with a copy of The Keys of Enoch. I was curious and began reading the book, quite thick and packed with information so it was slow going. The center carried a lot of light but also had a dark side and I was guided to leave in late November and return to Calgary. Stephen would embrace the dark on occasion and that was why I left. I was half way through The Keys of Enoch at the time and decided to leave the copy as it was not mine and asked the universe to provide me with my own copy.
That never happened as wherever I looked the door was closed. Interesting I thought and wondered why a little. Stephen closed the center the next spring and took The Keys of Enoch with him on his travels completing his reading of it while in Peru. We remained in touch and Stephen decided in early 2011 that he would serve only the Light. This was significant as up until that point he was a pragmatist doing whatever served his current objectives and making no judgements. He has strong connections to the Angelic Realm including Lucifer and when walking on the dark side, Lucifer was a frequent companion. That was the reason I left the center.

In early 2011 Stephen developed a mantra along the lines of ‘I serve only the Light and you are only welcome if you are in the Light’. He used this in all kinds of situations as he has a bright light that attracts others. This mantra worked very well and he ended up helping Lucifer shift into the Light just before the end of duality in late October of 2011. I believe that was part of his mission when he walked-in after a car accident in 2003. 
This summer (2012) Stephen had a vision where the offices of The Keys of Enoch called on a kind of etheric phone and invited him to begin a communication. In the vision he verbalized his mantra ‘I serve only the Light and you are only welcome if you are in the Light’ and the line went dead; the call ended and only a dial tone.
I am getting that the Keys of Enoch are part truth and part misinformation, corrupted by the dark to muddy the waters. In the last year or two we have progressed well beyond the point where these Keys may be useful. In terms of sovereignty, humanity and the timeline we are birthing are much more advanced than the Keys will ever be.
I asked about your involvement specifically and got that you are in no danger if you choose to attend the conference; however, please represent yourself and the Light of Source that you are. Do not represent anything outside of yourself such as a key or the keys of Enoch. You serve by being who you are. Just got a clarification. It is important that you attend and be who you are. 🙂 

This cleared up a lot of things for my friend and she thanked me saying she had also been blocked when attempting to research the subject and now felt relived of a burden. I had dashed off an ‘Awesome, my friend’ response and began feeling a build up of pressure in my solar plexus chakra. It was not yet to the discomfort stage so I made a mental note to attend to it later and went on about my business of cooking a batch of soup. I make a kind of vegetable chowder with lentils and some noodles. As I stood at the stove, the pressure increased in intensity and I was guided to discharge the energy causing it. This happens through intention to release the energy back to earth to be transmuted and was followed by a huge jolt as the energies exited my body and returned to earth. Earth is well equipped to deal with obsolete energy and transmutes it into energies appropriate for the higher dimensions. I am not visual so I saw nothing but the sensation was similar to a lightning bolt carrying the energy build up back to earth. All of this happened with the knowing that it was the obsolete energies of The Keys of Enoch that I was dealing with.

I have been doing this kind of thing now since the spring equinox when this ability seemed activated within me during a visit to my favorite tree called Ashram. I had used Ashram to ground negative and obsolete energies and thought my visit would be more of the same. Instead Ashram activated me. Lol 

Freedom for humanity…


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