Disclosure Becomes Personal

On September 15th, my blog was called A Star Ship Invitation and I went on to accept this invitation to be a crew member of a star ship called the Pallas Athena. My preconditions were that I remained sovereign and able to come and go so my human life could be continued and that I would be able to continue to write my blog. I targeted to remember my star ship experiences so I could include them in my blog.

The invitation came via a human friend, Portia, who is the commander to this star ship although another aspect of Portia continues to stand in as the on ship commander. In the nearly three months since, Portia and I have remained in communications and worked together on a variety of projects here on earth, usually in the etheric and astral planes. We have also compared notes on our human existence. I have had no recollection of any star ship experiences and that aspect of our connectedness has rarely been mentioned. Portia continues her human life much as before; all seemingly in preparation for her coming role as commander on the Pallas Athena.

Last night I had a vision/dream.  I was in the midst of a great project with people everywhere, like a big gathering with about four key people who were doing their work within this celebratory environment. The work they were to do had suddenly shifted only a short time ago and I was working with these key people in a kind of coordinative function, facilitating them delivering along the lines of the shift. I was clear about the shift but concerned that they were not. The shift was into the Light, into oneness and I knew the forces supporting duality were powerless to stop us.
I would go from key person to key person and talk with them, assuring them and encouraging them. Each time I found no need as they were as aware as I was, if not more. On one occasion I said to one of them, ‘Everything is shifted and you are to do the Light based thing now. They can’t stop you or interfere!’ ‘I know’ came the response ‘ever since five (some unspecified time units) ago, my true work is supported and their lies are not.’
I woke feeling deep joy and a sense that all is coming together in unseen ways. Our days as semiconscious beings are soon ending. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

I got up and there was an email from Portia renewing the invitation and adding some particulars. In early 2012, I had formed a team targeting aspects of Ascension, particularly rejuvenation. The team had four members, including Portia, and each is being invited to be crew members during the upcoming work to initiate disclosure. The Pallas Athena is to be part of the disclosure ceremonies and we will all play a role within that process. Key dates are 12-12-12 when preparatory work is initiated on the Pallas Athena and disclosure itself is being targeted for 12-21-12, the December solstice and the fabled date of Ascension. Disclosure is to be cooperative with key world leadership making the invitation.

It feels as though the shift in my dream is a metaphor for the shift on Earth. It feels as though 12-12-12 will initiate the kinds of changes necessary in order to be human and take part at a conscious level in these types of activities which involve instantaneous travel guided by intention and conscious interactions with our ET supporters. Humanity is quickly moving toward becoming galactic beings after eons as restricted semi-conscious beings. Some humans are already acting in this capacity but 12-12-12 will open that portal far more broadly and I hope to be part of that process.

In my human world, my Daughter wants her own space and has asked me to move out in the New Year, so I put out the intention to the Universe to find me suitable accommodations. A star ship certainly fits that bill; although I am planning to have an earth based dwelling as well. Methinks that will be easily manifested within the changes to come. Lol

Freedom for humanity…


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