A friend of mine with a well defined mission recently took a leap of faith to go traveling in pursuit of her mission. Her travels were underfunded but a leap of faith does not need all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed. Money issues were part of our communications and it came to me that I was to be the solution. This was confirmed by my guidance and I set the wheels in motion. This is unusual as I have had many friends go through money crises and my role has been to hold space while a solution is found.

In this case I was guided to take the more direct route. My friend suggested PayPal as she works regularly with it and I enlisted my Daughter’s help since she is far more adroit in these matters. PayPal has a lengthy waiting period for new Canadian customers and I was guided to do a wire transfer instead. Yes, I know there are other less costly options but I do not argue with my guidance.

I deal with a virtual bank that has an operating agreement with an established Canadian bank and took my plan to the teller yesterday morning only to be informed that they could not help me as they did not provide those services to the virtual bank. What if I opened an account here? Yes, they could then do the wire transfer.

I was sent to a more senior employee to open the account and struck up a conversation. As the process of opening the account was concluding I shared my wire transfer plan. ‘Oh, you don’t need us for that. Just do an e-mail transfer.’ She checked to make sure my virtual bank had that capability and off I went with an option at a fraction of the cost.

I did the e-mail transfer and joyfully informed my friend along with the security information she would need to move the money into her bank account. A little while later my friend responded that this service was only available in Canada and could not be used in the US. Okay, back to my wire transfer plan. I used the new e-mail transfer process to move money from my virtual account to the newly set up account and it bogged down with a glitch when attempting to access the new account.

Hmmm…What is going on? Why is this process proving so difficult? At no point did doubts enter about the appropriateness of the transaction. That has remained well supported and my friend is blossoming into her power with money no longer an issue. I got quiet and asked. ‘You are clearing obsolete banking energy. Just stay the course.’ Okay…I can do that and happily so.

The energies began coming in the evening. Nothing specific but a general feeling of malaise and of separation.  I meditated on several occasions to keep these feelings in proper perspective and retired at the usual time. The obsolete energies came in full force during the night. At one point I woke with undefined fear all around me. I worked with surrender and with my guides to dissipate the fear and return to what is now my normal state of fearlessness. The process of clearing these energies was different from my past energy clearing experiences and instead of a clearing them in a jolt, it was more a process of dissipating them over a period of several hours. I slept fitfully and got up early as the process continued throughout the night.

I do not know, nor do I care to know, the specifics of the energy clearing being done through me. I am an instrument in this work and just do what I am guided to do. I am in service and this is part of the service I am currently providing.

Tomorrow is 12-12-12, the twelfth and final triple date of the new millennium. Earth has been transitioning from a third dimensional home to a fifth dimensional home in twelve increments beginning 01-01-01. That process is complete as of tomorrow and Earth will then be a fully functioning home for fifth dimensional life. The mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms are already up and running and will easily make the transition. Humanity has been the laggards primarily because of obstacles and interference coming from the ruling elite. Not until after the June solstice less than six months ago were they ousted from their positions as world rulers and delays continue in terms of dismantling their obsolete systems.

Banking is one of the ruling elite’s primary fortresses. Clearing energies supporting the banking fortress has been ongoing for the entire year; in fact back to the end of duality in October of last year. Glad to contribute in my own small way.

Freedom for humanity…


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